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My posts are starting to make it seem like I’ve had quite a few Westernize meals while in Hong Kong (and will probably continue for the next bit)  – which is true. But I’ve had 10X more of my favourite Hong Kong comfort foods then what you’ve seen on my blog so don’t worry, I’m only showing you the meals that I thought were quite interesting and memorable. If I blogged about all my meals from Hong Kong – you will be reading about HK for another few months (lol)

Anyways, I knew that I wanted to try BurgeRoom before I even arrived in HK. It was their latest hot spot so I dragged my cousins along with me to Causeway Bay to check it out on a busy week night!:)

Just like most other restaurants in Hong Kong, there’s always a line. Though we unexpectedly waited for less than 5 minutes during their peak dinner hour.

The restaurant is just one big room with a lot of large circle tables crammed next to each other. Eating in Hong Kong is all about efficiency – so our waiter took our orders pretty quickly and next thing you know the burgers arrived.

Classic Burger ($60.00 HKD)

  • Beef patty, peeled tomato, romaine lettuce and homemade sauce
  • Before I even start commenting on how the burger tasted – I must emphasize how large these burgers were. My cousin wished we ordered just 1 to share.
  • The beef patty was really juicy, delicious and thick – the bun itself was quite large but really soft and fluffy on the inside – It was the perfect amount of sauce going around the burger.
  • I was pretty much ready to have my hands dirty and took my first bite as their home made sauce was dripping but in a good way!

Mushroom Smoked Duck Breast Burger ($68.00HKD)

  • Smoked duck breast, peeled tomato, romaine lettuce, mushroom and homemade tartar sauce

Melted Cheese Twister ($40HKD)

  • My cousin really wanted to try their melted cheese twister. We had also ordered just a regular twister and I much prefer that.
  • I personally don’t like a whole lot of cheese poured all over my fries – I’m more of a poutine / ketchup girl!
  • Nonetheless, the twister fries were served fresh out of the fryer – fried to a nice colour with  a nice spice coated to it which made the twisters really addicting all night!

The BurgeRoom offers a great selection of freshly made burgers. From the mutual consensus among the group, we all enjoyed our selections. My cousin really liked her melted cheese twister – I liked mine just with ketchup and no cheese – so it’s all about personal preference!


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