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Before this trip to Hong Kong, you must know that I’ve never been to Macau. As sad as that sounds, its the very truth –  I’ve been such a noob that I’ve never seen the St. Paul’s ruins or indulge Macau’s famous portgueuse tarts or even their signature pork chop buns!! Fortunately, my amazing aunt and uncle were really nice to show me around Macau under extremely hot weather on a random week day!

My cousin who is a frequent goer to Macau suggested I check out Rico’s – a hole in the wall restaurant that he had visited often that he found from a tourist booklet!

Rico’s is located from all the hustle and bustle, in a quiet little street tucked away in the corner. It’s not exactly your best decor or ambiance looking restaurant – but hey! we’re not suppose to judge a book by its cover right?

This shabby looking restaurant sits around 20 people on the main floor and some odd number on the second floor.

We first ordered a plate of Garlic Chinese Lettuce to be healthy – and typically any Chinese lettuce cooked with garlic has got to be powerful in flavours and of course tasty!

So this was the dish that my cousin would not stop talking about and he was damn right about it! In order for us to be able to even indulge in this dish, my cousin (the frequent go-er) told me to make a reservation and specify that we wanted to try this – so they have enough time in advance to prepare!

Their signature baked mashed potato is perfectly baked. Once you cut through the thin layer of crispiness – all you get is a smooth, creamy mashed potato

Their signature dish is not served with any side sauces for the purpose of enabling you to fully embrace the pure texture and natural flavours of the mashed

Baked Crispy Chicken Stuffed with Fried Rice

There’s actually no large chunks pieces of chicken (if thats what you were hoping to see) – once you get past the layer of chicken skin – its literally all stuffed with tomato – chicken pieces fried rice

Portuguese stewed fish – this was another favourite of the evening. Coming from a Chinese family – having the full fish served on a plate is pretty normal. What was unexpected – was the amount of side peppers, onions and pineapples that were served with the stewed fish! So powerful in flavours-  which mainly consisted of sweet and sour sauce

Frankly speaking, the restaurant environment isn’t exactly appealing but the food served especially the baked mashed potato is a completely different story. I’m genuinely happy that my cousin recommended this place. I would never have stumble across this place, in fact this tucked away restaurant was pretty difficult to find. Not sure when my next visit to Macau will be – but hopefully ill be able to find my way back here again *fingers crossed*


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