Grace Yeung is the creator behind Gracelisamay.com. Grace currently resides in the Corktown area of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her fiance and best friend, Eden. Born in Hong Kong and immigrating to Canada at a very young age, Grace spent her entire childhood growing up in Oakville. She went to Wilfred Laurier University and spent 4 wonderful years living and studying in the city of Waterloo. Upon graduation in 2012, Grace worked at a private financial company in Burlington for 2 years before jumping at the opportunity to work in the finance sector in downtown Toronto.

Grace’s hobbies include napping exclusively in 3 hour sessions (she doesn’t believe in 20 minute power naps), day dreaming about turning their 800 square foot condo into a show room that will *hopefully* one day be featured on Architectural Digest, hiding away in her bathroom to take bubble baths and always finding the next thing to obsess over for weeks (right now its the conspiracy theory behind the largest art heist at a Boston Museum that still remains unresolved 20 years later – random, we know!)

Grace also loves to read, hit the gym, load up on carbs on a night out, watch Terrace House and British Youtube vloggers, read a lot of blogs, online shop and follow celebrity gossip. Aside from her hobbies, Grace is always thinking about her blog and genuinely enjoys sharing everything she is passionate about and she hopes to connect with her readers in this creative space.


GRACE LISA MAY is a modern blog for women who are seeking the little pleasures within the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It aims to provides a sense of community and inspiration for women everywhere to live their best life at their own happy pace.

With new content every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, there is always something for everyone at Grace Lisa May. You will find that this blog is a curation of everything from book recommendations, latest fashion trends, the best skin & make up products, the culinary scene in Toronto, the occasional recipe, travel guides (local and abroad), interior & home decor, overall health & wellness and more!



Grace loves reading everything and mostly stays loyal to the happy & sappy romance novels while occasionally dipping her toes in mystery & thrillers. She really enjoys books that take place in New York City (and anything related to that Upper East Side life), con artists, conspiracy theories, and anytime a mistress in the book befriends the wife. She also loves a good memoir, in particular Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Grace publishes her thoughts on the book as soon as she finishes reading the book (good or bad). To find the full list of book recommendations, please click here.


Grace loves to online shop which helps her keep up with the latest fashion trends. Her sense of style is inspired by a little bit of everything and ranges from colour popping jumpsuits to minimalist neutral tone outfits, but she always matches her outfits with a statement headband or beret. You will find content about the latest trends, the best sales & monthly outfit posts that are versatile and affordable. Once in a blue moon, she will share a splurge purchase that was definitely well saved up for months in advance.


Grace understands the importance of taking care of her skin. She strongly believes that having great skin can ultimately mean wearing less make up (for the non-nights out). That being said, she loves scouring through Sephora and other beauty websites, reading reviews and trying new skincare and make up products. She is interested in venturing off of traditional products to clean products some day but is happy with her current balanced routine. Grace is an avid lover of all things Korean beauty and enjoys sharing her purchases, current beauty product deals and experiences with honest reviews.


Prior to Grace Lisa May, this blog was formerly known as Food in The City Toronto. Established in 2011, Grace shared all the latest food scenes & events happening in and out of Toronto. While the website may have taken a different direction, Grace is still a huge foodie at heart and LOVES to check out anything new in the culinary scene while still supporting her local favourite restaurants. You can also expect to find recipes that Eden & Grace frequently cook at home when attempting to be healthy. Some of their favourites restaurants to visit include: Gusto 501, Jatujak, Greenwood and more. To find the latest culinary scene & recipe posts, please click here.


Besides exploring what Ontario has to offer, Grace also loves to explore new cities in new countries. You can expect to see a lot of travel guides with the best landmarks & restaurants to visit. Where possible, we provide travel and logistic tips & tricks to ensure readers have the best travel experience ever! Some of the most popular blog posts include: Ultimate Tokyo Travel & Food Guide, Everything you need to know camping at an Ontario Provincial Park, 10 things you need to know before real life Mario Go Karting in Tokyo and more! To find all our travel guides, please click here.


Sharing in the hustle & bustle of everyday life that consumes us, Grace understands the importance of self love and provides advice & suggestions for readers to take time for themselves. You can expect to see lifestyle posts such as 3 weekday self care pick me ups, evening self care routines as well as posts to help readers get through tough times such as 9 things to do at home during COVID-19.

Other lifestyle posts you can expect to see include Grace’s guide to Toronto. Besides recommending her favourite restaurants, Grace provides her best guides to those new to Toronto such as: best spots for hot chocolate at the Distillery District, her top go to weekend brunch restaurants and one of the most popular blog post to date – 7 date ideas you haven’t tried in Toronto.

Meet the team


Eden is the editor and photographer at Grace Lisa May. He works full time as a programmer in Toronto. Outside of work, Eden enjoys exploring new culinary experiences, working out, playing sports and binging Netflix series. He considers himself to be a casual beer enthusiast after spending some time working in the industry. He is also usually the one eating the photo props, sometimes even before the photos are complete!