Blogmas // Entertaining guests with a holiday hummus board

Tis the season for holiday inspirations on my blog and I’m incredibly excited to share with you my very first blogmast post! We’ve used different hummus’ from Sabra Canada to showcase our over the top holiday hummus board. Go big or go home right? I have a 0 or 100 personality and I wanted to go 100 on my holiday humus board. I added a little bit of everything from fruits, to exotic cheeses, figs jam, an assortment of nuts, crackers, pretzels, bread, prosciutto and of course Sabra’s Hummus Dips!



We used 2 different Sabra Hummus’ in our holiday board. The first one we used is their classic hummus which contains fresh chickpeas, tahini and a touch of garlic. To top if off, I sprinkled a bit of goat cheese, pomegranate and cashews to give the hummus even more flavours and textures!


Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is actually my favourite. I love anything with roasted red pepper in it especially with it’s smokey and sweet flavours.


Sabra’s Hummus Dips

Caramelized Onion & Smoked Paprika Hummus
Classic Hummus
Greek Olive Hummus
Roasted Garlic Hummus
Roasted Pine Nut Hummus
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Spinach Artichoke Hummus
Supremely Spicy Hummus
Sweet & Smoky BBQ

Sabra’s Guacamole

Classic Guacamole
Spicy Guacamole

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1 LUCKY WINNER WILL BE RECEIVING: 1 Sabra Hummus Board + 2 Sabra Hummus Coupons

To enter, you must (1) follow me on Instagram (@GraceLisaMay) and (2) tag a friend on my Instagram post (unlimited entries) that also loves Sabra Hummus Dips  (3) FOR 5 EXTRA ENTRIES, comment on this blog post down below with your favourite Sabra’s hummus dip(s). Please remember to include your Instagram handle in the comments below.

  • Contest closes Monday December 17th 5:00 PM EST
  • Winner will be randomly selected and announced on my blog & Instagram Stories on Tuesday December 18th
  • Ontario residents only


This post was done in collaboration with Sabra Canada but remains unbiased in our content.



Reversible Teddy Coat


I love fall – It’s by far one of my favourite seasons. I love walking out the door and knowing that the air is cold & crisp. It’s actually my favourite time of the year to go shopping as well because Zara comes up with THE best fall collection and I always pair it with something from Uniqlo to keep warm. My grey top is from Uniqlo – a half turtle neck. As per usual, when I love something, I must buy it in almost every colour, so yes, I do have this half turtle neck top in more than 1 colour.

My reversible teddy coat is my favourite purchase of the season. Best thing about this purchase is there are pockets on both sides of the coat! I purchased this from Zara Kids specifically ages 13-14 (I am 5’5″ for reference). Zara has similar styles teddy coats online in different colours. I was debating between this dark camel coat and another white teddy coat but ultimately decided on this one and have been wearing it since!




Photography Credits: Eden



ANIQ – Your Ultimate Asian Feast (SSAM)

Newly opened in the Roncesvalles area is ANIQ – a restaurant sharing East Asian cuisine with modern culinary techniques. Owner and chef Eric Oh wanted to highlight his culinary inspirations of Korean, China and Japan and combine it with western cooking techniques. The menu at ANIQ offers a wide variation of all 3 East Asian cuisine throughout the entire menu. On weekend afternoons, the restaurant offers ramen for guests. They recently launched their SSAM – The Ultimate Asian Feast. Essentially, their SSAM is a 6 course tasting menu in a sharing platter form which requires a minimum of 4 people to order.


The 6 course tasting menu includes:

(1) Beef or Tuna Tartare
(2) Arugula Halloumi of Calamari Salad
(3) Ssam Platter
(4) Brussel Sprouts or Broccolini
(5) Fried Rice or Glass Noodles
(6) Desserts: 1 piece of cake per 2 people

With the different options on the tasting menu, Chef Eric Oh opted the following items which have been really well received.

Tuna Tartare 
yellow fin tuna loin, soy sauce sake dressing, sesame ginger, Asian pear, endives, sake pearls, edamame guacamole
– this is one of the best tuna tartares I’ve ever had. And yes, those sake pearls were made in house. All the different components in this dish (the sweetness from the Asian pear, the bitterness from the sake pearls, the soy sauce dressing on the tuna and the edamame guacamole) really brought out all these different flavours which made this so good.




Arugula Halloumi Salad
halloumi, baby arugula, honey, truffle oil, balsamic caviar, grapes, toasted walnuts
– I loved the combination of the lightly fried halloumi giving it a crispy texture on the outside with arugula which was offset with the honey and truffle oil. The grapes were roasted and complimented really well with toasted walnuts giving this dish more crunch.


The world “ssam” means “wrap” in Korean. You take a lettuce as the wrapper and use any ingredient to be the filling, usually proteins. Ssam is a widely accepted casual dish in Asian culture and the potential for its variability is limitless.

The components of the feature includes:

Korean beef short rib (aka Kalbi) with house Tare borderlaise
Sous vide duck breast with orange Tare butter glaze
Miso and maple sake marinated pork belly roast
Freshly shucked Gigas oysters

All the different proteins on this platter were perfectly cooked, seasoned and presented really well. The pork bellies were melt in your mouth soft. My favourite was the sous vide duck breast because it was finished off with a sweet orange tare butter glaze and I love Kalbi everywhere I go, so I was really pleased to see this part of the SSAM feast. This piece of art work is also accompanied with a lot of molecular gastronomy that was done in house by chef himself.





Served with condiments of:

Boston lettuce
Perilla leaves
Roasted garlic sauce
Sesame oil powder
Salted Shrimp
Lavender Sake Pearls
Usukuchi soy sauce caviar



To eat this SSAM, you take a Boston lettuce, and add your protein with all the condiments of your choice and top it off with a Perilla leaf – like a lettuce burger.


ANIQ Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi, lardon, onion, garlic, sous vide egg
– I don’t eat a whole lot of Kimchi in one seating but I had more than seconds for this fried rice. The sous vide egg makes this fried rice more of a “soggy” rice than a dried fried rice which actually works with its textural contrast given everything we indulged above. The flavours of the Kimchi were not strong and balanced well with the onion and garlic.


Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts


Italian Torte with Ginger Ice Cream

This Italian Torte resembles a very mild and soft in texture cheesecake which I absolutely loved. I don’t prefer desserts that are too sweet so this was a perfect subtle way to end the tasting. If you’re prefer dessert with bold flavours, I would suggest the chocolate cake.


Chocolate Cake with Green Tea Ice Cream


I thoroughly enjoyed ANIQ. There was not one thing I didn’t like from this tasting. Each dish was not only really thought out but also well executed both visually and taste wise. I highly recommend this place and you’re really missing out if you don’t give it a try.

This post was done in collaboration with ANIQ Restaurant but remains unbiased in our content.



Exploring Port Hope, Ontario // 12 things you must do

So often we forget how many gems are in our own backyard. There are so many great destinations from Toronto that make awesome weekend trips that we have come to love over the years. We want to share with you our guide to exploring the town of Port Hope and all the different things that this town has to offer. Port Hope makes a good weekend getaway, not far from home. The best part? It’s only an one hour drive from Toronto.

Visit East Beach

Whether you’re an early bird and prefer sunrises over sunsets, you can enjoy both scenic waterfront views at East Beach & West Beach with clean and sandy beaches. Perfect for those that want to take a dip or even work on their tan. If you are already happy with you tan, fishing along the port is another option here at East Beach. Fishing for salmon in port hope is quite infamous here; I’ll get more into that down below.



Try Canada’s best burger

Voted as Canada’s best burger, Olympus Burger serves up some of THE BEST burgers in town with Greek influences. Olympus Burger was featured on “You gotta eat here” back in 2016 and numerous media outlets as well. Don’t believe the hype? Have a try and let us know what you think!


Salmon Migration

The annual salmon migration turns Port Hope into quite the tourist destination every year between mid August until early October. Chincook and Coho Salmon migrate from Lake Ontario and swim up the Ganaraska River. These fishes weigh anywhere between 2lbs to 40lbs! Fishing on the Ganaraska River is allowed as long as you carry a current fishing license with you at all times. The best place to get a good look at this salmon migration is at Corbett’s Dam – where you can watch the salmons attempt to jump up the fish ladder to head north and spawn.



Stay at Moonlight & Pines Bed and Breakfast

We stayed at Moonlight & Pines Bed and Breakfast which offered breathtaking views of the Ganaraska forest. Quietly tucked away in Ganaraska, Moonlight & Pines is a 4 season bed & breakfast. We were graciously welcomed by our hosts Helen & Colin – who have been living there for about 15 years. We stayed in a private suite and enjoyed one of the best homemade breakfasts we could ever ask for! You can read about my piece of Moonlight & Pines Bed and Breakfast here.




Horseback Trail Riding @ Trickle  Creek Farms

With living in the city, horseback riding is not something I get to do on a whim very often so it definitely something to look forward to include Trickle Creek Farms in your schedule as part of your weekend visit to Port Hope. The experience at Trickle Creek Farms was an incredibly fun experience being able to interact with the horses. Trickle Creek Farms keeps the group very small for those horseback trail riding. We had about 7 people in our group with 3 instructors in between 1-2 people to make sure we were all doing okay. As different parts of the trail we were going up and down hill, the instructor would remind us how to instruct the horses. You can read about my piece of Horseback Trail Riding @ Trickle Creek Farms here. 


Cultivate Festival

Cultivate is an annual festival that takes place in Port Hope bringing together chefs, farmers, food produces, brew masters for a weekend of local celebrations. Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and food trucks offer fixed price menu items from $9 – $59. We were luckily enough to participate in this year’s annual festival and enjoyed their live music and craft beer! One of the food stalls offered a bison burger that we couldn’t resist ordering knowing that we had dinner plans soon after.






Dine at Nookies Soul Kitchen & Bar

If you’re winding down from a full day of exploring, Nookies Soul Kitchen & Bar is great for that and also located in the heart of downtown Port Hope.  Watch a game, grab a drink and order some comfort food to relax. Of course, I ordered a surf and turf to get the best of both worlds!




Haute Goat Farm

Haute Goat Farm is situated on 200 acres of land with breathtaking views of the Northumberland Hills. They have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Alpacas Icelandic Horses, Exotic Chickens, Apothecary Garden, incredibly bird watching and beautiful nature trails. This is definitely something I recommend because the farm lets all the goats come at once and I can promise you it was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen! We then walked a trail with the little goats running around us and ended up in their playground where we got to pet the goats and play with them! You can read about my piece on Haute Goat Farm here. 



Fishing in the river that crosses town

There are various locations along the river to fish for salmon in Port Hope. The Ganaraska River literally flows through across town into Lake Ontario. It’s such a beautiful view strolling along the river. We noticed some people bring their children here to catch fishes. Look for the horseshoe shaped waterfalls and see how many you can spot!




Visit cute shops in downtown Port Hope

There are so many independent shops that offer cute souvenirs to take home! I’m clearly a sucker for these and probably got too carried away buying bath bombs and pretty art work to hang up at home. Some shops to check out include: G Facey, Suntree Natural Foods Marketplace, Turquoise Boutique, Dwellissimo, Antiques on Queen, Art Gallery of Northumberland, Furby House Books, Holton Flowers, Frosted Flour Co., Bubbles and Gems, Gould’s Footwear.






Grab a hearty lunch at Lakeview

We were driving aimlessly along the lake and happened to stumble at Lakeview Restaurant which offers a great selection of comfort foods at a great price (especially their lunch combo). I opted for their home made lasagna and Eden opted for their burger!


Check out unique products at Primitive Designs

Eden loved Primitive Designs. It’s probably his dream to stay here for hours if we could. Primitive Designs offers very unique products imported from around the world. You can’t miss them with their giant dinosaurs and transformers plopped outside their store front.



And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my guide to exploring Port Hope. I definitely had a lot of fun exploring the town for a weekend and can’t wait to try some tree top trekking next time!

Photography Credits: Myself & Eden
This post was done in collaboration with The Municipality of Port Hope but remains unbiased in our content.



Byblos – My go to spot for special occasions


I’ve been to Byblos on several occasions – whether it’s date night or a corporate event, this place does not disappoint when it comes to food and service! I usually save this place for a special occasion because I do admit it is on the pricier side of the scale so I leave it to occasions where it feels right to splurge.

Located on Duncan Street just off of King Street West, Byblos serves up an Eastern Mediterranean fare in a form of tapas style dishes. While tapas style dishes are usually meant for sharing with a large group, Eden and I personally enjoy sharing tapas with just the two of us. We order just as much as food as if there were 4 of us so can sample a little bit of everything (with the option of enjoying the seconds) and then we pack the rest for lunch the next day.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been to Byblos on several ocassions, so I’ve put together a list of must order items that I highly recommend you try even if it sounds like something you wouldn’t normally order; for example – Roasted Red Beets. I don’t normally eat red beets at home so I was definitely not going to order it at a restaurant but this dish totally worked with its sweet and sour flavours embedded on a delicious hot barbari bread. Don’t believe me? Give it a try yourself 🙂

Roasted Red Beets ($14.00)
pistachio + caraway + labneh + barbari bread


Turkish Manti Dumplings ($15.00)
smokey eggplant + yogurt sauce + molasses


Black Truffle Wood Fired Pide ($18.00)
buffalo mozzarella + halloumi + tartufata crème fraîche


Yogurt Baked Flute ($33.00)
toasted bread crumbs + walnuts + brown butter


Chargrilled Cornish Hen ($36.00)
sabzi sauce + toum + fried leek


Mejadra ($19.00)
lentil + hung yogurt + fried shallot


Lamb Rack ($42.00)
muhammara + middle eastern gremolata + coriander salt


Orange Blossom Mousse ($11.00)
house yogurt + pistachio cake + pomegranate molasses + pashmak + rose jam


5 things to know about Bota Bota Montreal before visiting


Bota Bota is one of those hidden gems that you hope no one else will find out about it and secretly wish you can keep the place all to yourself.  I remember leaving Bota Bota feeling exactly this way and was debating whether I should share this gem with everyone or save it for myself! The entire experience at Bota Bota was perfect from check in until paying the bill at the very end. For starters, Bota Bota is a silent spa located in the heart of Old Montreal. The spa is divided into 2 sections – (1) The main spa “building” is actually sat on a ferryboat which facilitates the different spa offerings such as massages, water circuits and a dining room. (2) The other different temperature pools along with sleeping pods, hammocks and relaxing chairs are off the boat on land.



SERVICE & CLEANLINESS – Without informing the staff it was our first visits to Bota Bota, we checked in at the front with the staff being very helpful and friendly informing us where to meet for our massage appointments, where the change rooms are (it’s not as obvious as you think!) etc. In fact, if you ever get confused, there are a lot of labels on the grounds along the spa that tell you where to go and which floors are “silent floors”. The spa itself was well maintained  and kept very clean throughout the day. They had multiple staff walking around the facility (without feeling intruded) to enforce the silent spa rule to ensure other guests can also have the same relaxing experience


SPA FACILITIES – The best part about Bota Bota is the number of different temperature pools offered across the large facility. We moved around to ensure we got the maximum experience but my favourite is the hot pool looking out at the St. Lawrence and Old Port of Montreal. Bota Bota also offers a number of sleeping pods, hammocks and a resting area with bunk beds in different secluded rooms. One of the highlights for me is the “make up” area in the change room. It looked like a studio with enough equipment such as blow dryers and hair straighteners for everyone without the need to rush.


PRICING – Don’t know where you can have such an affordable spa experience at such a great location than here. I’m located in the downtown core of Toronto and relatively speaking, you can break an arm and a leg to have some pretty decent spa experiences in Toronto. For majority of the massages, Bota Bota offers 2 prices for either a 60 min or a 90 min massage. I opted for a 60 min relaxation massage which costed $100.  To me, that is a complete steal given its offerings and location! In addition, if you book a massage along with a water circuit, you get a $15 off the water circuits. They have different times and different prices for water circuits with a chart showing the differences in times and prices for high and low season.

WATER CIRCUITS – Water Circuits are thermal baths with different temperatures and are known to have many healing properties. Bota Bota recommends you start off on the Promenade Deck or the Sunshine Deck for a 10 to 15 minute session in the dry sauna or steam bath followed by a cold bath or shower. They have different baths (including a 1 person cold bath) and steam rooms throughout the facility labelled with signage that shows the recommended baths in steps and also signage showing the temperature of the bath with simple instructions. Bota Bota offers steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs and cold pools, relaxing pods, hammock, deck chairs and even an area for you to relax on bunk beds.



60 MIN RMT MASSAGE – Before you head into your appointment, they give you a sheet to complete asking for your medical history, your preferences for a female or male masseuse and anything else that the staff may need to know prior. When your masseuse is ready, they go over your sheets and will also ask you if you’ll be claiming insurance for the massage. In terms of the massage itself, I always opt for a 45 min to a 60 min relaxation massage across different spas. My experience here was great. My male masseuse was professional and asked to see if the pressure suited my needs. Before I knew, I was already asleep.




Horseback Trail Riding in Port Hope

During our weekend stay in Port Hope, one of the things on our itinerary was a horse back trail ride at Trickle Creek Farms. With living in the city, horseback riding is not something I can do very often so having horseback trail riding on our schedule really made another highlight to the weekend. The experience at Trickle Creek Farms was an incredibly fun experience being able to interact with the horses.

My only interaction with a horse prior to this weekend in Port Hope was when I was in elementary school so with no experience under my belt, horseback trail riding was a little frightening. The staff at Port Hope were really helpful and clear with directions/instructions. Upon being mounted on our horse, we were given a quick class of how to ride a horse. Slowly but surely we all got the hang of it and before we knew it, we were already on the trail ride.

Trickle Creek Farms keeps the group very small for those horseback trail riding. We had about 7 people in our group with 3 instructors in between 1-2 people to make sure we were all doing okay. As different parts of the trail we were going up and down hill, the instructor would remind us how to instruct the horses.







The entire ride was an incredible one hour experience! It’s great for family, a group of friends and even dates!

This post was done in collaboration with The Municipality of Port Hope but remains unbiased in our content.

Haute Goat in Port Hope

One of most recommended activities suggested to me during the visit to our weekend in Port Hope was to visit Haute Goat Farm. The closest I’ve ever been to a goat is probably petting them a fence at the CNE so I was excited to visit Hate Goat Farm. The farm is situated on 200 acres of land with breathtaking views of the Northumberland Hills. They have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Alpacas Icelandic Horses, Exotic Chickens, Apothecary Garden, incredibly bird watching and beautiful nature trails.

When we arrived at the Farm, the staff was speaking to us about the history & facts of the farm and what they have to offer. Did you know they offer:

Haute Goat Yoga
Haute Goat Shmurgle – which is an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with their Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Guests can play with the goats in a playground designed just for them.
Farm Life Workshops – such as milk a goat, make cheese, basics of beekeeping, keeping chickens and how to make goat milk soap
Gift Shop – featuring delicious goat cheeses, luxury goat milk skin care such as soaps and creams and alpaca products
Watch the Goats Live on their 24 hour GOAT CAM



We all gathered outside the gates of where the goats stayed and the staff let them all out at once and I can promise you it was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen! We then walked a trail with the little goats running around us and ended up in their playground where we got to pet the goats and play with them!






This post was done in collaboration with The Municipality of Port Hope but remains unbiased in our content.

Dressing up our Turkey Burgers for Thanksgiving

I love burgers. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had was at a random restaurant that Eden & I stumbled upon while we were aimlessly wandering around the South Coast of France. The burger looked simple but tasted like nothing we ever had before. This burger was made with the freshest ingredients and so ever since that experience, we’ve been making our take of a simple burger at home with fresh ingredients.

For Thanksgiving, Eden & I wanted to dress up our favourite turkey burgers instead of cooking your normal turkey in the oven! We dressed up our burgers with Kensington Market Street Food‘s Smoked Tomato and their Sirracha Caesar dressing vinaigrette.




Kensington Market Street Food offers delicious, bold, flavourful products inspired by the history of Toronto’s beloved Kensington Market neighbourhood. Produced in Ontario and locally sourced wherever possible, the ingredients pay homage to traditional flavours while embodying the market flavours.

Kensington Market Street Food offers pickled fruits, dressing vinaigrette, sandwich slaws and coffee. These products can be found at Longo’s through and at independent grocery stores in Ontario.




This post was done in collaboration with Kensington Market Street Foods but remains unbiased in our content.

Where to Stay in Port Hope – Moonlight & Pines Bed and Breakfast

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of visiting The Municipality of Port Hope with 2 full days packed with activities and delicious foods. In the evening, we stayed at Moonlight & Pines Bed and Breakfast. Quietly tucked away in Ganaraska, Moonlight & Pines is a 4 season bed & breakfast that is an approximate 20 minutes drive from the downtown Port Hope. We were graciously welcomed by our hosts Helen & Colin – who have been living there for about 15 years. We stayed in a private suite with our own set of doors that opened up to a breathtaking view of the Ganaraska Forest.



Our Bed & Breakfast included our own private suite with entertainment and a game room. Our suite was decorated with original artwork, including examples of photography, painting, mosaic and tapestry.

The bedroom features:
King sized bed
En-suite bathroom
Heated floors
Walk in closet with bathrobes
Bar fridge & microwave
Coffee maker and kettle with complimentary coffee, herbal teas, and hot chocolate


Games & Entertainment  Room features:
Pool table
Library of books for your reading pleasure
HDTV, CD and blue ray DVD players, with a full selection of CDs and DVDs
Wall-mounted electric fireplace for ambiance & a little extra warmth
Wifi connectivity




Helen provided a hearty breakfast for each guest (that will leave you rolling out of there!), served based on our selections made the previous day.

First Course – included a freshly squeezed orange juice & Bircher Muesli. For our second course, we chose 1 of the 12 items available on Helen’s menu! I opted for the sweet potato hash & my boyfriend opted for Helen’s carrot & ginger souffle – which is out of this world! We loved our breakfast items so much, Helen emailed me her recipes for me to share on this blog! (I will do this in a separate blog post)

Second Course choices are:
Sweet Potato Hash
Chickpea & Pepper Omelette
Carrot & Ginger Souffle
Rustic Vegetable Torte
Puffed Cheese Omelette
Crustless Dill & Spinach Quiche
Apple/bacon Pancake Pie
Baked Nutty Berry French Toast
Blueberry French Toast
Super Apple Bake
Blueberry or Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with local Maple Syrup
Traditional Bacon & Eggs


Helen’s breakfast also includes:
Fresh baked Homemade muffins
Colin’s Homemade Bread for Toast with Helen’s raspberry or strawberry jams or marmalade
Choice of several varieties of Loose Leaf Teas or Fair Trade Coffee







Helen & Colin were fantastic hosts and made our stay feel like home away from home! Helen’s breakfast was a feast – my photos honestly doesn’t do it justice. The home owners were both incredibly down to earth – sharing their stories and experiences about pretty much everything. I highly recommend Moonlight & Pines and am looking forward to our next stay in the near future.

This post was done in collaboration with The Municipality of Port Hope but remains unbiased in our content.

Ramen Misoya

About 2 months ago, I was planning a trip to Montreal and doing extensive research about possible ramen places to visit in the french city. Ramen Misoya came up a couple of times during my research and at that time Misoya didn’t exist in Toronto. Fast forward 1 month later, Misoya suddenly popped up on the hustle & bustle streets of Queen West.

With over 100 locations now across Japan, and about 15 locations in Brazil, Italy, Asia and North America, Misoya is a renowned Japanese franchised restaurant that specializes in Miso Ramen. Misoya’s New York location has been recommended by Michelin Guide for 5 consecutive years in a row (2013-2017).

With all that being said, we were lucky enough to check out the new kid on the block!


So what sets Misoya apart from other ramen shops?

At Ramen Misoya, miso lovers can eat eat their hearts out & are able to customize their bowls of ramen. There are 2 types of miso to choose from:

(1) Gold Kome Miso – made with soybeans & rice with intense flavours and a rich aroma
(2) Silver Shiro Miso – made with soybean and rice with light flavours and slightly sweeter

Depending on what you like, their menu is made easy for customers to choose different variations of the Gold / Silver Miso bowls (some offer 3 slices of cha-shu pork while some with just 1 slice). From there, customers can add additional toppings to their bowl for extra costs.


Gyoza 5pieces ($6.00)


Takoyaki ($6.00)
with Tonkatsu Sauce and Miso Mayonnaise


Silver Shiro Special ($15.00)
Made with soybean and rice, light in flavour, slightly sweeter


Gold Kome Chashu ($16.50)

For meat lovers, both Gold & Silver bowls offer 3 slices of cha-shu pork. Each slice is 60g per piece. Misoya ramen also offers house specials which include a completely vegetarian ramen.



If you’re a miso lover and a lover of huge portions of deep fried potato & tofu in your ramen, then Ramen Misoya is your spot. Ramen Misoya is open Sunday – Thursday from 11:30AM – 10:30PM and Friday & Saturday 11:30AM – 11:30PM. Please check Misoya’s website in the event hours have been updated.

This post was done in collaboration with Misoya but remains unbiased in our content.

Harvest Dinner with Durham College

Last Thursday, a group of 100 foodies gathered at Durham College for their 4th annual Harvest Dinner. Besides gathering together for a community celebration, this dinner recognizes the amazing work being done at W. Galen Weston Centre for Food by students. Their exclusive menu featured fresh food grown and harvested by students in the college’s food and farming programs, cooked by students in the culinary programs and served by students studying in hospitality and events program.

I’ve always wanted to participate in a dinner prepared by student chefs and this was the perfect opportunity! Watching the students accomplish such a huge feast for a large group of hungry foodies is a great achievement.

Please enjoy the photos from the harvest dinner!







Salmon, wild applewood smoke, fennel slaw, sweet potato-ginger puree and basil oil


Greens with maple vinaigrette


Greek pasta salad with DC Feta


Mixed cabbage slaw


German potato salad


Baked black beans, DC triple-smoked pork belly, roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted onions


Ontario lamb and apple goulash


Grilled Kendal Hills chicken, sauteed mushrooms and garlic scapes



Roasted potatoes


Mixed vegetables


Roasted Ontario beef strip loin, Yorkshire pudding and red wine jus



Apples roses
Eggplant brownie
Beet-vevlet cake
Green-pea cake
Zucchini-walnut cake
Pecan flan
Pavlova with raspberry pink-peppercorn marmalade




This post was done in collaboration with Durham College but remains unbiased in our content.