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Gala Cafe (嘉樂冰廳) is a family owned business running for more than 30 years. This tiny restaurant located steps away from Tsuen Wan plaza is not exactly the most spacious restaurant but definitely serves one of the best Hong Kong style comfort foods I’ve ever had!

Hong Kong is filled with galores of Hong Kong comfort foods at every corner of every street and of every buildings and plazas – you don’t have to walk too many steps before you feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices. So why trek all the way to the end of the MTR line to visit Gala Cafe?

2 reasons: # 1) Gala Cafe has been highly recommended by many close friends – they make time for a quick stop to gala cafe even even if their visit to Hong Kong is extremely short. And # 2) Gala Cafe has been featured on the newspaper several times for their delicious comfort foods and crazy omelettes!



  • As I mentioned previously, Gala Cafe is highly known for their crazy omelettes. Why? Well because 1 small omelette is composed of 8 eggs and 1 large omelette is composed of 16 eggs!!! A large omelette is more than 2 weeks worth of egg quota!
  • Any sized omelettes is served with a loaf of bread on the side
  • Definitely recommend this to share….


Each of the omelettes is stuffed with thinly sliced ham – The moment I gently cut through the scrambled eggs – the pieces of ham were bursting out!


Chinese Lettuce & Beef


Fried Pork Chop on Noodles

  • This is one of my favourite noodle soups to opt for whenever I’m overwhelmed by choice
  • Its always a safe resort – and of course Gala cafe did a wonderful job of satisfying my tummy
  • Love the large pieces of fried pork chop – fried to a nice colour, pork was not dry at all and in fact very juicy


Deep Fried Wonton

  • Whenever I go eat out with my family, we never order deep fried wonton – or wonton at all because we feel that we can make it at home (though it may not be as good as the ones served in restaurants) secondly, we prefer our wontons to be boiled or pan fried and not deep fried
  • But the super nice owner insisted we try their famous deep fried wonton and boy was she ever right about these – served crispy and piping hot – eatch wonton was filled out meat and vegetables
  • Loved the sweet sauce accompanying the wontons!


Curried Beef & Potatoes {Sample Size}

  • The owner saw how much we were enjoying our meal she decided to give us a bowl to sample of their curried beef & potatoes
  • This was unfortunately a little too spicy for me (due to my incredibly low tolerance for spicy foods)
  • My dad on the other hand devoured this sample in a few bites – He absolutely loved it!


Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

  • A simple looking plate of Soy Sauce Wings – but man were these incredibly tasty and addictive!
  • No one in my family loves chicken wings as much as I do so I pretty much inhaled this plate for my parents!


Hong Kong Style Tea {Hot}


Red Bean Ice (紅荳冰)

  • Can’t go to Hong Kong without ordering my favourite drink
  • Red beans with Milk/ Cream and Ice cubes & water


Honestly, I think this meal was just suppose to be a “high tea” between lunch and dinner – Looking back at these pictures, I still have no idea how we ate so much food! Anyways, do check Gala Cafe out if you’ve ever in Tseun Wan – but be prepared to wait any time of the day. Great food and super nice and welcoming staff!


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