Honest Thoughts On Our New Indoor Exercise Bike

A lot of you have messaged me over the past few months to ask me for my thoughts on our new indoor bike. I decided to hold off on making this blog post, just so that I could take my time to fully test out all the features of the bike and provide you with a complete and honest review. And now I feel ready to share all my thoughts 🙂

What is the make of the bike & model?
We own the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Bike 

Where did you buy it from?

How much did you pay for the bike?
The bike was on sale for $699 + tax (Schwinn was also promoting their latest model IC4 at the time) 

How often do you use the bike?
I cycle about 4-5 times a week in 45 minutes sessions


  • The price is a complete steal! We couldn’t find a bike that checked all our boxes for anywhere near $699 + tax.
  • The quality, durability and the actual make of the bike is excellent & everything just feels sturdy! The bike does not feel cheap in any way and once the adjustment levers are tightened, none of the parts in this bike are loose or wiggle around.
  • The bike is very quiet. I usually blast music in the background anyways but there have been a few instances when I biked super early in the morning with headphones on and did not wake Eden up. Generally speaking the bike does not make any squeaky or odd sounds.
  • The bike is super smooth to ride on even when I’m transiting from different hand positions.
  • The monitor displays: RPM, Calories Burn, KM, Pulse (pulse monitor sold separately)
  • The bike accommodates to different heights. I am 5’5″ and my fiancé is 6’1″ and we have no issues adjusting the bike to fit. If you’re super tall or short, I would read over the specifications before purchasing. 
  • The pedal is 2 sided (for regular shoes & spin shoes). I bike with my running shoes and use the adjustable straps to loosen or tighten the feel around my feet.
  • The saddle does not hurt my lady parts (seriously lol). This was actually very important to me as I’ve had issues with different in-studio saddles and outdoor bike saddles in the past. Just FYI, if you’re very particular about your saddles like me, as alternative options, you can purchase a saddle cushion cover or a completely brand new saddle. Back when I was spinning at YMCA, I picked up this saddle cushion cover from Canadian Tire that straps over the existing saddle like a glove. You can also replace your saddle with another that has a lot more cushioning. I purchased this one from Amazon that I am currently using for my outdoor bike. Both options are fairly affordable in the $30-$35 CAD range.
  • The bike is super easy to assemble according to Eden. (Lol I admit I took no part in assembling the bike) They include step by step picture instructions so it’s pretty intuitive and the flywheel and bicycle mechanism come pre-assembled.
  • The phone / tablet holder makes it easy follow along with fitness videos. I have an iPhone X and fits the stand perfectly. There is a water bottle compartment right behind it.
  • Overall a great basic bike for at home cycling – great value!


  • The IC3 does not tell you the current resistance level on the display like some bikes at the gym. At first, I thought this would be a huge issue for me but over time, I realized all the different virtual spin instructors I’ve had (at least at Sweat & Tonic) have been calling out both resistance levels and the amount to turn on the dial. Instructors recognize that not everyone has the same bike and not all bikes indicate resistance levels so this has been extremely helpful. For example, they would call out increases / decreases of quarter turns, half turns (one level) or full turn. I rely on this and also by feel of the resistance and have no complaints so far. 
  • Screen does not light up. This is probably an issue if you’re someone that enjoys cycling in complete darkness. That being said, as I mentioned above, this bike does not tell you your resistance level so the only thing that you would not be able to see in the dark is your RPM & calories burnt and distance.
  • The levers to adjust the bike are not my favourite. The levers are a bit stiff and do require a bit of force to adjust the seat height and handlebars etc. That being said, if you’re not sharing this bike with any household members, you have nothing to worry about. Eden uses this bike once every 10 times that I use this bike so it’s not too troublesome for me to make adjustments. Once you have an idea of the height of your seat & handle bar, it becomes easier to make the appropriate adjustments.
  • The bike requires an additional monitor to show your heart rate and does not have Bluetooth capabilities if you like to connect to your phone or an app. (some of  Schwinn’s later models have this feature)

Overall Thoughts:

This bike is a great steal for the price you pay. I’m pretty sure we lucked out because I admit it’s pretty hard to find a deal like this. The bike is very good quality and is similar to what you would find at a spin studio in terms of durability and stability. Although there are a few cons to this bike, they are not deal breakers to me and I personally do not feel it’s worth to pay $2500-$3000 to compensate for the other features that are not available with the IC3 but are offered in your typical in-studio bikes.  If you’re looking for all the latest bells and whistles then this may not be the bike for you but I absolutely recommend this bike for anyone looking for a solid basic indoor bike.

PS. If you need a recommendation for Spin classes in Toronto, I’ve been attending the virtual ride classes at Sweat & Tonic. The instructors are great and the playlists are always awesome!


Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung


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