Power Breakfast Vol. 3

Good morning and welcome to the third edition of Power Breakfast! Power Breakfast is a new series on the blog where I share a roundup of inspiring & happy things that will kick start your week on a positive note. In this series, you will find fun ideas and neat things to try, do, cook, read, shop and so on! You can enjoy these series while sipping on coffee, enjoying breakfast or even on your way to work in the morning (that is, if you’re not working from home anymore!).

Now grab your coffee and enjoy today’s Power Breakfast 🙂


The annual Nordstrom sale! I picked up these Madewell mules for $69.90 (original $149.30). I’m currently still breaking into them but they make super cute house shoes 🙂 Unfortunately, this exact colour is out of stock but they have other colours available on Nordstrom.

Shipping is super quick – I ordered my mules on Tuesday and they arrived Wednesday evening. And there is something for everyone! Besides checking out the women’s section, they also have a great home selection and some back to school items for kids that may interest you. Nordstrom is offering a surprise 50% off item, everyday starting at 9:30AM EST. They post an advance list of items going on sale so make sure to check it out!

The Emilia Mule

Photo via Nordstrom.ca


Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe! I know everyone probably already has their go-to chicken noodle soup recipe but Eden recently made this for me and it was unlike ANY of the chicken noodles soups I’ve EVER had! I think the key difference in this recipe is pulling the chicken out of the broth midway to shred it. Something about this just ups the soup game to a whole new level. Make sure to add this soup in your next upcoming recipes!


Photo via Inspiredtaste.net


Zucchini Corn Fritters via Foodnetwork! This photo popped on my Instagram feed and I immediately saved it for something to make this week. I love zucchini. I love corn. So why not eat them together as a snack during the week? I will keep you posted on how they turn out on Instagram!


Photo via Foodnetwork.ca


Follow @the_lazyfoodie on Instagram! I’ve been following Christy for a while and I love everything about her feed. Her photos are beautiful flatlays of her food and shots of restaurant interiors. Oh, I probably forgot to mention that she is based in the UK so if you’re a huge bruncher like me, then this feed will have you drooling for days!

Photo via @the_lazyfoodie


Invest in a PerfecTemp Programmable Water Kettle from Cuisinart! I purchased a few hot water kettles over the years, but we felt like we wanted something a bit more fancy and advanced this time around. We liked how you can select the temperature of your hot water depending on what kind of beverage you’ll be making. It’s currently on sale for $109.97 (original $139.99). The kettle only arrived a few days ago so we’re still in the process of getting used to it and I will definitely keep you posted – maybe in an upcoming blog post?

Amazon Cuisinart Kettle


Chocolate Tales DIY Kits Workshop! So to be completely transparent, Chocolate Tales reached out to me earlier this week and asked me if I wanted to try one of their products or participate in an online workshop. The workshop part totally intrigued me as I’m a pretty hands on person and always love to learn. Chocolate Tales offers multiple workshops like a “Beer Pairing Bundle”, a “Truffle Making Workshop” and even a “French Macaron Class Workshop”.

They will send you a kit with everything you need and some classes offer optional Zoom live classes that you can attend. This makes a great date activity or virtual gift idea!



33 Books by Contemporary Black Authors! Earlier this year I made a commitment to read more books by black authors. I recently found a list of more books by black authors to add to your list if you’re interested. I’ve already added quite a few of these books to my Amazon wish list so I hope this list helps!



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