8 Great Places to Find New Books to Read

Earlier this year, I started my “What I Read Last Week” series and I have really been enjoying burying my head into all sorts of books. I love scouring the internet for new releases and creating book lists here and there. I’ve decided to share where I’ve been keeping up with all the latest releases with you all. I’ve also come to realize that during the summer months, my reading has slowed down significantly due to my new interest in biking around the city and I’ve been spending a lot more time out in the sun lately.

Anywho, here are all the places that I think have the best book lists. I revisit these places fairly often. Some of these lists are updated monthly, weekly and even daily sooooo I hope you enjoy!

1// Bustle – I follow Bustle’s weekly posts of “Best New Books” which are coming out that week. In addition to the weekly lists, Bustle also has a series of different book lists that will have you scouring for hours! See this week’s list here!

2// Good Reads – I LOVE Good Reads when it comes to reviews. And while I’m on their site reading reviews, I somehow always end up looking through their never ending book lists. You can honestly find any kind of book list here like 19 Best Books for Book Clubs!

3// Book of the Month – is a US based monthly book subscription. Although the service is not available to us to here in Canada, I absolutely love going through their monthly 5 book picks. I find their book suggestions pretty close to what I enjoy reading and rarely do I find a book that I’ve heard of on there.

4// Amazon – the algorithm on Amazon is pretty scary but also spot on. I have a long wish list of books saved on Amazon. Many times I try to ignore the “things you might also like” section but sometimes I give in and the recommendations are spot on.

5// Indigo – I purchase my books mainly from Indigo and Amazon. I have saved book lists between the two and always compare the prices before picking up anything. More often times then not, Indigo will have huge sales from Heather’s Picks and new releases.

6// Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club – Reese does a monthly book club over on her Instagram & website. Sometimes her book choices may not exactly be my first choice but I still enjoy following along her social media & hearing her thoughts on the book. I also like that she invites the authors on Instagram to chat about the book. Indigo has a section just for Reese’s bookclub picks!

7// Instagram accounts – The following Instagram accounts are a mix of bookstagrammers & lifestyle bloggers. I love their feeds & book recs.

  • @nycbookgirl
  • @fellaby
  • @gissellereads
  • @worldswithinpages

8// Youtube – I love watching timelapses of people reading and also love having their videos on the background whenever I’m doing chores around the house. I find that having these videos on in the background is very calming and very therapeutic. But aside from that, these girls read A LOT so the videos also help keep me motivated to read on 🙂

  • Peruse Project
  • Morgan Long

8// Bad on Paper Podcasts – Grace & Becca are honestly your girlfriends next door. Besides their weekly book recs, I love their weekly chats about anything and everything. They also have a monthly book club and new episodes that come out every Wednesday.


Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung



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