Five Must-Have Blush Grove Home Decor Products

Happy Sunday guys!

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite topics & self-interests: home decor! I know many of you share this love with me and I’m always obsessed with buying little decorative items here and there to spruce up all corners of our tiny condo!

For those that don’t know, Eden and I moved in together about a year ago and we like to change our home decor up here and there every couple of months. Given that we’ve all been home a lot more in the past few months (and for the foreseeable future), we’ve been sprucing up our apartment even more frequently.

My home is very important to me. I really value home comfort & my surroundings. Decorating my home brings me so much joy & is also very therapeutic for me as well! I just love coming home to a clean and pretty apartment.

Today, I’m excited to be teaming up with Blush Grove to share 5 of their must have home-decor products you must have!


Blush Grove is a Toronto based home decor company founded in 2019 by Fiona Mascarenhas. The company came to life when Fiona kept coming across the same styles and home decor everywhere in the market. She wanted to do something unique and chic, and with her eye for design and creative flair she started Blush Grove. Blush Grove strives to create a space for everyone to call ‘home’, with products that evoke a sense of warmth of comfort. All of their products are designed in-house by Fiona and made in small batches to challenge one style fits all retailers.

I asked Fiona a few questions about her love for calligraphy, Blush Grove’s pop-ups in and out of Toronto and what it felt like when she found out John Legend drank out of a cup she designed!! In case you missed it, I will link that Instagram post at the very bottom 🙂



Say hello to Blush Grove’s acrylic chunky knit blankets. These blankets are currently on sale for $49.00 CAD (original $99.00 CAD) and they come in 5 different colours. The light blue grey colour that we have pairs nicely with the neutral toned theme currently going on at home, but now that I’m thinking about it, I might pick up their pink one as well!

These blankets are perfect to throw over the sofa or for when you just want to cozy up with a blanket while reading a book by the fireplace (can you believe we’re almost heading into fall?!). These blankets are super chic and comfortable.

If you’re worried about shedding with these hand knit blankets, they have care instructions that will ensure these blankets always look good!


Not very often will you see a reusable straw set that comes in a pack with 3 unique straws along with 2 cleaning brushes. Yes – cleaning brushes! These straws are also engraved with ‘The Last Straw’. What’s convenient about these sets is that it comes with a small beige linen drawstring carry bag so you can just bring the straws with you all the time in case you need to make any stops at Chatime (that’s me!)

These reusable straws are made from stainless steel and are safe to use with their food-safe colour coating. They are hand wash only but are super easy to clean with the cleaning brushes. They come in 7 different colours and each set is $8.00 CAD. If you’re thinking of little ways to start saving the environment, you can start with these straws.

BONUS SNEAK PEAK CANDLES – Fiona sent me a little sneak peek of their soon-to-be-launched candle collection. If you join their email list, you’ll be able to get your hands on these candles Aug 18th before they are released to everyone else will on Aug 25th!

These candles are made from their luxurious coconut apricot creamy wax blend, which is gluten free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and comes from renewable sources. It’s made from natural ingredients like coconut and apricot with a hint of food-grade paraffin wax to bind everything together. Burn time: 80+ hours.

They will be launching 5 different scents so be sure to join their email list to be the first to know!


To say I love cushions is an understatement. I LOVE my cushions and I currently have quite the collection from over the years! Eden has been really supportive of the growing cushion party I’ve been having with all my colour coded and different themed & sized cushions haha

Blush Grove offers 4 different cushions and I have the one in knit grey which also goes along with my neutrals theme. The 4 little pom poms make this cushion super cute! On a side note, I don’t know if you guys remember but I actually own 3 different pom pom knit sweaters with different coloured pom poms on it haha I love my pom poms!

The other 3 Blush Grove cushions have a clean black and white design with different sayings. The calligraphy designs are all done by Fiona. My favourite is definitely “the snuggle is real”!

All the Blush Grove cushions come with the cover + insert and are all currently on sale. The calligraphy cushions are $20.00 CAD (originally $28.00) and the knit grey is $28.00 CAD (originally $35.00 CAD)


My collection of mugs is even more serious than my collection of cushions! I hadn’t given too much thought to this, but as I’m writing this post, I’ve come to realize that opening my mug shelf and seeing all my cute mugs every morning makes me very happy. Besides picking up individual mugs, I also love to pick up “couple mugs” whenever I comes across a cute set, especially when we travel. As you can tell, my collection is growing very quickly!

Blush Grove offers 5 different 15oz mugs for $10.00 CAD. Each of the mugs has a different calligraphy design made by Fiona. The mugs are made from ceramic with a glossy finish and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

If you are in need of gifting ideas, these mugs are perfect for birthdays, weddings (they have a wifey and hubby mug) or just because!


Blush Grove offers 5 different teapigs tea flavours and I tried the popcorn tea. The popcorn tea is a soothing green tea with popped rice that gives a popcorn like flavour!

Each tea set comes with 15 biodegradabe tea temples and you can save $5.00 CAD when you purchase the tea with a mug.


Blush Grove has an amazing shipping & refund policy!

They offer free standard shipping in Canada + U.S.A on all orders – no minimum purchase! For more details, please see here.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the products, you can return or exchange within 30 days. The return shipping label is free as well! Fore more details, please see here.


I know all the designs are created by you. What made you get into calligraphy? How do you come up with your designs?

Fiona: Honestly, this entire business started as a hobby back when I was in university. I wanted to get into calligraphy and had made it my summer goal to learn. I loved calligraphy because it gave me a creative outlet outside of our super technological world so it started from there and I started documenting my progress on Instagram. Soon, I was getting requests for custom orders for weddings, to teach classes, and it all grew from there. The inspiration for all my designs come from my vision of what I’d want to see in my own home. I’ve always loved interior decorating and similar to Monica Geller (not sure if you’re a Friends fan lol), I’m always the hostess. I love creating a space in my own home for my family and friends to get together and my goal is to always make everyone feel at home. Blush Grove is an extension of this and I’ve created this entire brand centred around making everyone feel at home and helping customers create a space in their own home to do the same. 

I know my readers would be really interested in checking out your pop ups! It might be tough now because of COVID but do you have any future pop -ups planned? Are you able to share some past pop up details that happened in the past?

Fiona: We normally hold retail pop-ups during the holiday season; however, this year due to COVID-19, we’re going to focus on growing our online presence and have already started free shipping in Canada & the US to help expand our growth. I love our retail pop-ups and I work them myself most of the time so I get the chance to meet my customers in real life and share the story behind Blush Grove. 

Our pop-up at Sherway Gardens was absolutely amazing last holiday season. I still can’t believe that we only had two weeks to get everything in order and set up to launch for Black Friday. It was our largest pop-up yet – our previous pop-up was in December 2017 in the PATH at the York-Adelaide Centre in Toronto. 

I also spent some time at Sephora last holiday season at three of their GTA locations – Toronto Eaton Centre, Yorkdale, & Square One. They hosted me for live calligraphy events where I customized customers’ purchases with calligraphy. It was an amazing experience and I hope to do it again soon!

We don’t currently have any future live events planned but stay tuned to our Instagram as that’s where we post all our updates!

Lastly, how does it feel to have John Legend drink out of a cup that you designed? 🙂  (Check out the Instagram post here)

Fiona: Honestly, it’s surreal! Knowing that one of my designs was so close to a celebrity that I admire is incredible and also inspires me to keep going. Who knows, maybe one day Chrissy Teigen will be drinking out of one of my mugs? 

You can support Blush Grove by following them here: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest


Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung

This post is sponsored by Blush Grove but remains unbiased in our content.



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