Skincare Journey + AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Cleansing Oil Review

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Skincare Journey

My skin has been an issue for me for as long as I remember. But for the first time (in a VERY long time) I feel like my skin has significantly improved. My skin actually feels smooth, slightly more hydrated and the redness on my forehead and cheeks have significantly reduced.

My skincare journey started when I was 22-23 years old. Before that, my skin had always been somewhat decent as a teenager with the occasional pimple here and there. I watched a lot of kids go through break outs during high school but fortunately that term never existed in my vocabulary. Some time during the early years of my career, perhaps due to from the stress of looking for the “perfect” job, I noticed I was starting to break out, especially in my cheek areas.  I wasn’t overly concerned and decided to check out Kiehl’s since, at the time, everybody was talking about the brand. I went to Yorkdale Mall and spoke to someone that worked at the store and she recommended 3 skincare products to treat my “minor” break out. I cannot remember now what these 3 products were, but I wish I did a bit more research before trying them.

Before this, I had NEVER used any skincare products. I seriously thought I was immune to break outs since I somehow manage to survive high school and university without breaking out once. The only skincare products I’ve only ever used were make up wipes and that was it! But guess what happened? (lol) After using the Kiehl’s products for a couple of days (all over my face I might add), I broke out like never before. I was extremely sad and felt very embarrassed for breaking out at what I thought was a very late age. Luckily my family doctor referred me to a dermatologist who I was able to see almost immediately.

*Side Note: Everyone has very different skin so I’m not implying that Kiehl’s is not a good skincare brand. I know some people that have amazing results from using their products, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for me.

The dermatologist prescribed antibiotics that required me to take pills 3 times a day for 3 months. That’s almost 90 pills!!!! I took 90 antibiotics to finally calm my face down. In addition to the pills, I was also prescribed a night cream to use before bed. I decided to discontinue the use of these drugs after the 3 months because it didn’t make sense for me to be dependent on these drugs for the rest of my life. After this experience, I didn’t use anything on my face other than to splash it with cold water. I was scarred until I was 25 years old.

A friend of mine, who is a skincare guru, introduced me to AmorePacific’s rejuvenating creme. I have to say this creme is AMAZING. It hydrated my incredibly dry skin. My skin felt silky for the first time in ages and the best part was I didn’t have a reaction at all! This bamboo based creme changed my life and made me feel comfortable enough to try skincare products again. I have to admit that everything about this product is great except for the steep price point of $160.00 CAD (at the time). I ended up using the creme for 1.5 years.

The same friend also introduced me to Laneige – a more budget friendly Korean skincare and sister brand of AmorePacific. I used Laneige for almost 3 years and loved most of the products from their line especially their moisturizer, toner, water sleeping mask and their lip sleeping mask. Some products are a bit stronger for my sensitive skin but overall it’s a great skincare brand.

Present Day

During the initial phase of Covid-19, I had a lot more spare time on my hands and did a lot of research about Korean skincare products. I watched numerous Youtube reviews about a galore of products and finally decided, at the age of 30 (lol), that I wanted to prioritize my skin and tackle my skin issues one at a time. The first issue was reducing the redness on my face. Since I’ve been working from home half the week and with literally no interaction with anyone outside, I decided to stop covering my face with foundation and just about stopped wearing make up altogether to let my skin breathe.

My Thoughts on the AmorePacific’s Treatment Cleansing Oil

My first problem was that I was really lazy at removing all the gunk off my face. I know this is going to sound terrible but I was only using make up remover wipes to remove my make up. That’s it. The same friend that initially introduced me to the rejuvenating creme also recommended this cleansing oil to me as well. Currently, regardless of whether I wore eye make up or not that day, I have been using AmorePacific’s Treatment Cleansing Oil. On days where I do have eyebrow and eye make up on, after using the make up wipes, I follow up with the cleansing oil.

Guys, this cleansing oil is AMAZING!!! First of all, this oil takes everything off my face. I even tried using the oil on a full face of foundation just to be sure and there was zero residue. It leaves my skin super clean and smooth and has even reduced my redness! FINALLY!

I started using this product on May 6th, 2020, so it’s almost been 8 weeks of applying this oil every evening. A little bit really does go along way and so far, I’ve only used about 1/4 of this 200 ml bottle. Not to make this same mistake twice, I started off by only applying this product to my chin on the first evening, then moved on to half my face the next day. Every day since then, I’ve bathed my face with this oil.

The price of this cleansing oil is $60.00 CAD at Sephora. Some people might feel like this way too pricey for a product that only stays on your face for a very brief amount of time. I don’t disagree. But for someone like me, who has super dry and sensitive skin and looking not to break out again, I was willing to give the cleansing oil a try, especially given the fact that I didn’t have a bad reaction to the rejuvenating creme from AmorePacific.

If you suffer from the same skin conditions as I do (dry and super sensitive), give this cleansing oil a try and let me know your thoughts! This product is super gentle and has been working wonders for me and I hope it works wonders for you too!

That’s it from me! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Feel free to also follow along my Instagram page where I update daily with what I’m up to!

Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung


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