Power Breakfast Vol. 2

Good morning and welcome to the second edition of Power Breakfast! We’re a little behind for this week’s edition of Power Breakfast but nonetheless, it’s here! Power Breakfast is a new series on the blog where I share a roundup of inspiring & happy things that will kick start your week on a positive note. In this series, you will find fun ideas and neat things to try, do, cook, read, shop and so on! You can enjoy these series while sipping on coffee, enjoying breakfast or even on your way to work in the morning (that is, if you’re not working from home anymore!).

Now grab your coffee and enjoy today’s Power Breakfast 🙂


KASPACE Cafe is one of my favourite cafes in Leslieville. Eden and I discovered them earlier this year and we’ve been fans of their brunches ever since. They specialize in vegan & vegetarian dishes. I can’t speak about the other items on the menu because Eden and I literally order the same thing every time haha. We love the fresh and organic produce Kevin uses. They currently have a small patio set up outside or you can grab it to go as well!

Top: Kevin’s Breakfast // Bottom: Nutella Crepe


8 Types of Self Care & How to Practice Them – There’s a lot going on in the world right now and it’s really important to take care of your mental health. I came across this article on Bustle that talks about 8 different types of self-care and how to practice them. The article talks about being able to distinguish the 8 types of self care and narrowing down the type that needs a bit of a refresh. At the end of the day, no one is going to take care of your body better than you!


Knives Out – I’m not usually a murder mystery movie type of girl but this movie was done really well. There’s a few huge names in the cast and I had never heard of Ana de Armas before but now I’m a huge fan – she did an amazing job. This movie is about a very wealthy family set to inherit the fortune of their grandfather. One night the grandfather suddenly and mysteriously dies and Daniel Craig, who plays the detective in the movie, tries to get to the bottom of this. I don’t want to give away too much but this was a very fun film to watch.


Photo via Panandslam.com


Learn about Fall 2020’s Top Fashion Trends – The article breaks down the trends from faux furs to denim jackets to headbands and so much more!


Photo via TheEveryGirl.com


Westcott Vineyard’s 2016 Estate Pinot Noir – Last week I wrote about my experience at Westcott Vineyard (20 minutes away from Niagara-on-the-Lake). We ended up bringing back a bottle of their 2016 Pinot Noir with us and now I’m addicted to it. I’ve already ordered two more bottles from their online store that should be arriving this week and I thought I would share my new love for this particular red wine with you all. Free shipping starts with an order of just 2 bottles!




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