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Everytime I crave for Thai food, I always end up either at Khao San Road or SukhoThai – ordering up my favourite Street Style Pad Thai while never leaving disappointed. And so, Chef Nuit has done it again at Sabai Sabai (@sabaisabaito) –  coming up with a slightly different menu – but still authentic Thai food – offering tapa dishes enabling everyone to enjoy a little bit of everything. (PS. you won’t find pad thai’s here!)

The atmosphere and vibe at Sabai Sabai gives off a laid back – relaxing feel. We sat comfortably towards the back of the restaurant. The tables around us were evenly spaced out – very roomy. The noise level was not loud while not quiet – just enough to be able to hear the people at the table.

Our server was great! Knowing that we were quite indecisive in the beginning, she kindly helped us through the menu with recommendations. She came back frequently to check up on things while constantly clearing our table whenever possible knowing the amount  of food we ordered. The three of us each ended up picking 2-3 items off the menu.

Thai Iced Tea & Thai Iced Coffee ($4.00 each)

  • I’m a huge fan of Thai Iced Tea – Its a must order every time I dine at a Thai Cuisine
  • Thai Iced Tea is almost like a sweeter version of HK Style milk tea – very refreshing and sweet

This was a Lychee Special Cocktail (Our Waitress highly recommended this!)

Crispy Shrimp Chips with Tamarind Dip ($4.00)

  • These shrimp chips were indeed very crispy and a minor hint of spiciness
  • The shrimp chips are a bit thicker than your average chips

Tom Ka Soup with Coconut milk & shrimp ($7.00)

  • This was my first time trying a Tom Ka Soup –  split between the 3 of us
  • Flavours were very bold & a bit spicy for me- I enjoyed the bit and pieces inside the soup especially the shrimp

Deep Fried freshly grated squash Fritter ($7.00)

  • I never tried these at Khao San Road but thoroughly enjoyed this
  • These deep fried Squash fritters were not greasy at all

Crispy Fried Taro Roll ($9.00)

  • These taro rolls remind me of the ones at you can find at a Dim Sum restaurant – but these take a different shape and form
  • The crispy fried taro roll takes a paper-ish texture on the outside wrapping some soft and pillowy taro on the inside

Crispy Fish with housemade sweet & tangy Tamarind reduction ($8.00)

  • These were my favourite of the night. The fish is lightly battered on the outside and a sweet and savoury tamarind reduction drizzled ontop.
  • The fish itself was very moist – didn’t have that “fishy” taste at all.

Khao Soi ($9.00)

  • Egg noodles in coconut curry gravy with beef
  • The coconut curry gravy was very thick and creamy. Again we split the The Khao Soi  3 ways – Very much like the one at Khao San Road, this Khao soi was firey. I like the layers of the soft egg noodle inside the gravy while some crunch ones sitting on top.

Grilled Northern Thai pork skewers with spicy nam chip dip ($8.00)

  • These Thai pork skewers were unexpectedly delicious! These were perfectly marinated while being perfectly grilled.
  • The pork skewers turned out to be very moist and meaty – uberly good!

Northern Thai Curry Fish Custard Steamed in Banana Leaf ($8.00)

  • This dish was the most disappointing dish of the evening. The Presentation of the dish seems to be appealing but tasted somewhat different then what I’m familiar with
  • I guess what intrigued us in ordering this dish was the “fish” and “custard” – sounds great but it was a bit mushy in texture. In terms of the flavour profile – I personally didn’t enjoy the flavours infused into the fish custard

Mango Sticky Rice ($5.00)

  • Dessert of the Week
  • When I think dessert – I think something cold and refreshing. Although this mango stick rice wasn’t exactly cold, the mango were definitely refreshing – embedded on a warm sweet sticky rice.

Sabai Sabai offers a plethora of solid Thai tapa dishes. It’s totally understandable to be wanting to try a little bit of everything off their menu. Reservations are definitely recommended if you’re not planning to be here right at the beginning of Dinner Service. What I enjoyed most about my experience here is the feeling of not being rushed out of the restaurant. Although the food did come out a little bit faster than we could fit at the table – we still took our time with everything and chatted a bit after dessert with no signs of our server pressuring us to leave.  – Great food. Great vibe.


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