Belly Buster Submarines

Last week, I found some time after work hours to drop by Belly Buster Submarine (Twitter: @BellyBusterSub) (Instagram: @BellyBusterSub). This newly Submarine shop recently opened a second location on King Street West after their 1st very successful location in North Toronto. Over the years, they’ve build a solid relationship with (returning) customers from the belief of producing the freshest subs with the freshest ingredients. 

To be fairly honest, this is probably my first sub blog post ever but surely won’t be the last. I’m always down for a good hearty sub. Belly Buster Sub’s 2nd location is conveniently located for those working on King West to grab a quite lunch or even a snack.

Belly Buster Submarine is a small shop with less than 20 seats inside and a few additional seating out on their patio.


Their back wall is plastered with a plethora of poloraids of happy customers!

The staff at Belly Buster Submarines were helpful in choosing their 2 most popular / signature subs for me to check out!

The Belly Buster ($7.85 for 12″)

  • Beef, Mushrooms, Salami & Gravy
  • Additional toppings of Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss cheese, sub sauce and hot peppers!

Bacon Combo: Ham & Turkey ($5.65 for 6″ / $7.65 for 12″)

  • Turkey & Bacon on white bread & Mustard
  • Additional toppings of Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss cheese, sub sauce and hot peppers!

I never indulged in subs that were so incredibly tall and stuffed with roast beef or ham. The components inside the sub were literally falling out. My favourite sub was the Bacon & Turkey Sub- I thoroughly enjoyed the crispiness of the bacon embedded on lots of thin slices of Turkey. Whenever I order subs, my go to toppings are always lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and sub sauce. I like to keep it simple. Belly Buster Sub’s ingredients, as you can probably tell from the pictures, are without a doubt really fresh.  They also heat up your subs if you choose to have it made that way. Belly Buster is a great alternative if you’re craving subs for a quick snack and or lunch if you’re located in the area!


This meal was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content. 

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