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    Ontario: Port Hope Travel Guide – Things to do, eat + where to stay! (Part 1)
  • Ontario: Where to stay in Port Hope – Brandon Manor Bed and Breakfast

    Ontario: Where to stay in Port Hope – Brandon Manor Bed and Breakfast
  • Ontario: Beginner’s Guide to Treetop Trekking in Port Hope

    Ontario: Beginner’s Guide to Treetop Trekking in Port Hope
  • Meals Made Easy at Longo’s

    Meals Made Easy at Longo’s
  • 3 Weekday Self Care Pick-Me-Ups

    3 Weekday Self Care Pick-Me-Ups

What You Can Expect At The CNE This Year #2018

Hey friends! It’s that time of the year again where the Canadian National Exhibition opens to the public for the last 2 and half weeks before summer ends. Starting today until September 3rd, visitors will get to experience all new and diverse programming than ever before. In celebration of the 2018 Canada-China Year of Tourism, the CNE will “come to light” with an amazing indoor lantern festival! There will also be an outdoor TELUS Asian Market on Princes’ Blvd turning the street into a bustling and lively marketplace. Of course everyone’s favourite classics are back – Aerial Acrobatics & Ice Skating how, President’s Choice SuperDogs show (Celebrating its 40th anniversary), Bandshell Concert Series, 69th Annual…

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My evening self care routine

How many of you feel like there’s never enough time in a day to finish all the items on your never ending to do list? How many of you cram as many things as you can as soon as you can from the second you get off work right until you turn off the lights for bed? I am guilty of all these things. I don’t like to waste time and try to be as productive and efficient as I can be. I sat down last week and asked myself if I was truly happy with everything that I was juggling and trying to balance. For the most part – I am still floating but…

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Japan: Eating our way through Dotonburi

I was able to cross off many things on my bucket list during this trip to Japan and one of the items was eating my heart out at Dotonburi in Osaka, Japan. E and I spent a good afternoon here eating and wandering in and out of the streets until our tummies couldn’t handle it anymore! Dotonburi is a very popular tourist area in Osaka serving a wide array of different foods. They have endless food stalls, restaurants, trendy shopping stores where you can find many international brands – which are all situated along the Dotonburi canal. Dotonburi is opened all day and night so if you want to beat the crowds, the best time…

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Its on at Ontario Place!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve visited Ontario Place but its definitely been over 15 years! The fondest memory I have of Ontario Place is visiting the park during Chinese New Year with all my cousins when we were very little – running around the entire park with our moms were chasing after us! I remember how fascinated we all were with the lantern displays along the water and how festive the entire park looked. Fast forward 15 years – a whole lot has changed and lucky for us, we were able to experience the summer 2018 attractions during a visit at the park last week. This is what we got up to: –…

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Patio Season at Kaka All You Can Eat (Downtown)

Photo by Janey @foodrealm I swear it was still flippin’ chilly in Toronto not too long ago and here we are now celebrating the spring weather at Kaka All You Can Eat’s Patio. A few days ago, we had the pleasure of spending our evening enjoying Kaka’s new patio located in the heart of downtown Toronto with some exclusive tapas and drink menu only available to patio customers. We sampled a galore of different specialty items which included Kaka’s Premium Seasonal Platter and their premium bluefin tuna sushi – which is only available at their downtown location that comes with no additional cost!  We also sampled their aburi oshi sushi set, beef tataki, fish tacos…

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11 things to consider when changing domain names

Changing domain names can be extremely overwhelming especially when all the technical jargon is so difficult to understand. I’ll admit that when I was first doing research to change the domain name on my blog, I found myself reading and re-reading articles multiple times and getting nowhere. We composed a list of things to consider along with some tips that we think might be helpful for anyone considering to change domain names. BACKGROUND Throughout my 7 years of blogging, I’ve only ever used WordPress. In the very early days, I did try Blogspot but ultimately decided WordPress was more suitable for my needs. Shortly after I started, I purchased my domain from WordPress which dropped…

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Going Organic for our first Barbecue of the year

For the past few weeks, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the cold to go away so that I can switch up my winter closet for my spring, hit up as many roof top patios as I can, stroll along the sunny waterfront whilst getting tanned (if getting tanned for me is actually possible), happily window shop along Queen West – the list goes on. There’s been so many exciting items planned for the warmer weather that when it was warmer for 3 consecutive days in a row last week, E and I decided it was time to start up the good old barbecue because let’s be real – it’s not officially spring unless you kick…

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Mother’s Day with Life Experiences

It’s almost that time of the year again where we show our beloved moms how grateful we are for everything they’ve done for us! This year, my mom decided to spend mother’s day with her special lady oversees so I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day when she’s back in the country. For those that have no idea where to begin or are last minute Mother’s Day Shoppers – is a great way to start. is Canada’s largest experiential gifting company. Experiences make great gifts and they promote the idea of togetherness, creating memories. They offer a wide range of gifting ideas such as: SPA ADVENTURES FOOD & DRINK GETAWAYS FAMILY & FUN GOLF LIFESTYLE…

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Taking a closer look at Thompson Diner

Located inside the gorgeous Thompson Hotel is an upscale diner serving up your Canadian comfort foods. Situated at King West & Bathurst, Thompson Diner recently revamped their entire menu adding newly Chef inspired items along with a few healthy additions while leaving the favourite classics on the menu. I’ve visited Thompson Diner on several occasions but usually to satisfy my breakfast cravings late at night. This time, we ordered a little bit of everything from their entire menu to get a full sense of what their new menu brings. There is a little bit of something for everyone at Thompson Diner whether that’s something hearty or healthy – they’ve got you covered. My favourites from…

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Chapter 2

HELLO 🙂 It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog! Things have been incredibly busy, both personally and with work. Rest assured though, I’ve been working hard on the blog behind the scenes and I’m really excited to share some new changes with you guys. So stay tuned, because things will slowly start to reveal themselves in due time (sorry for the tease!). First off, as you can already tell, I’ve finally changed my blog name! This is something that I’ve been longing to do FOREVER and never took the plunge. I’m so excited about these changes and I’ll explain more about them below! What does Grace Lisa May mean? No, Lisa…

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Saturday mornings at White Lily Diner

I’m always anxiously waiting for the weekends to come so I can brunch my heart out. As of recent, the east side of town has become THE place to explore with a galore of new restaurants offering irresistible brunch menu items. Given that I’m a crazy a brunch lady, I’ve made it my mission to hit as many brunch spots as I can. Please be aware that it will be very likely to see an overwhelming amount of brunch posts in the upcoming weeks. So without further a due, lets start with one of my favourites – White Lily Diner! I’ve visited White Lily Diner twice in one month – both visits were during brunch service on a Saturday…

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Feast of St. Lawrence

We were incredibly lucky to be back at the Feast of St. Lawrence for a second year in a row! The feast began in spectacular fashion with an exclusive, al fresco fine dining event for charity. 250 guests were seated at 1 long table on Front Street and were served a delicious 5 course dinner prepared by chefs from some of the top restaurants in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. This was definitely one special dinner and for a great cause as well! RECEPTION Oyster Station (Pearl Diver) Whisky Bar (CC Lounge) Saucisse en Brioche – House Made Sausage baked inside a BIFF’s Signature Brioche (Biff’s Bistro) APPETIZER Corn Gazpacho – Corn Chutney, Corn Bread and…

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Paris travel diary

We spent 4 days in Paris and it was just enough time for me to fall in love with the city. We left Paris knowing we would come back very soon. We probably could have spent a couple weeks and not run out of things to do. There is so much to explore and endless cafes to try.  Paris was the last stop of our 3 weeks Europe getaway. Here is a snapshot of what we got up to. 17ème Arrondissement We stayed at a really cute boutique hotel called Hôtel Le Trente in the 17th Arrondissement in Paris. We decided to wake up bright and early one morning to explore the neighbourhood.  We stumbled…

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Where to eat in Paris

We spent  4 full days in Paris and ended up visiting a lot of the restaurants on our list. The foods in Paris were even better that how I imagined it to be. I wish we could have stayed in Paris for another week just to find more ‘hole in the wall’ type restaurants because the list here is endless! (1) Le Petit Canard We visited Le Petit Canard for dinner service for our first night in Paris and I’m so glad we didn’t have any delays coming into Paris otherwise I would have been so gutted. Le Petit Canard is a super small and cozy restaurant located in the 9th Arr. The owners here…

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