Power Breakfast Vol. 4

Good morning and welcome to the fourth edition of Power Breakfast! Power Breakfast is a Monday series where I share a roundup of inspiring & happy things that will kick start your week on a positive note. In this series, you will find fun ideas and neat things to try, do, cook, read, shop and so on! You can enjoy these series while sipping on coffee, enjoying breakfast or even on your way to work in the morning (that is, if you’re not working from home anymore!).

Now grab your coffee and enjoy today’s Power Breakfast 🙂


Workout Women on your phone! You guys…I think this might be the best FREE workout app. Despite the name of the app, they have exercises for men too! The app has numerous workouts for all fitness levels and you can select a specific body part that you want to focus on. They also have yoga routines that you can follow along. Once you have selected your work out, you can see a summary of all the workout positions. The app plays through each workout pose in sequence. You can skip back to the previous pose or fast forward. If you don’t understand a pose, there is even an option where it will show you how to do it properly.

The app is super easy to use and very intuitive. I try to pick out 3 different workouts every morning before I start my day.



This article on stay at home activities to do when you live in an apartment. We live in a small condo with 2 people and sometimes it can be extra tough. Despite the fact that a lot of public places are opened again, you can never be too careful about leaving the house. The article is going to come in handy when it gets cold outside and we can’t enjoy the patios or go on long walks outside!


Schwinn IC3 Indoor Bike! Although the gyms are open again, Eden & I aren’t too sure how we feel about returning to the gym when the winter months roll around. We decided to pick up this Schwinn IC3 Indoor Bike from Amazon for when we won’t actually be able to bike on the roads outside. It was only $699.00 CAD and we’re quite excited for this bike to arrive (tomorrow!)



Mejuri’s Slim Signet Ring! I think the whole “work from home” thing was really getting to me this month… so I decided to treat myself and picked up a Mejuri ring that I’ve been eyeing for a while! This is quite the splurge but I know Mejuri’s jewelry are a really good long term investment. The rings I purchase from them are 14 karat gold so I don’t have to worry about them getting tarnished!

Mejuri Ring


Mission Impossible Series! This is a good series to rewatch from scratch. Eden & I decided to skip the first two because they seemed a bit older (lol) so we ended up watching Mission Impossible 3, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible: Fallout in the past 2 weeks. If you’re looking to do a movie marathon, this is a good series to start with!



Sophie Dear Yoga on Youtube! I’ve been following Sophie Dear’s Yoga videos this past week and I’ve been really enjoying waking up to these videos. If you want more, you can visit her website where members can join her online classes.





  1. Katie
    September 13, 2020 / 12:57 pm

    What did you think of the bike?? Any comments / reviews on it?

    • Grace
      September 13, 2020 / 7:31 pm

      Thanks for your comment Katie! Iā€™m currently in the process of testing it out! Will definitely be sharing a blog post soon šŸ™‚

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