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      Meals Made Easy at Longo’s
    • Saturday mornings at Jatujak

      Saturday mornings at Jatujak
    • 5 Reasons To Join A Tour With Local Toronto Food Tours

      5 Reasons To Join A Tour With Local Toronto Food Tours
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      Easy 5 Ingredient Chicken Feta Pasta
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      How we skipped the line at Raku’s Toronto location

    Cafe by Crêpe it up

    Crepe it up is definitely the best crepe joint in Toronto by far!!! I’ve tried many dessert places around town but none of them have made me crave their desserts the day after (lol). I have past by this place numerous times and if I had known about their amazing crepes I wouldn’t have wasted so much time looking for the perfect “crepe place” Crepe it up is a small and some what cozy place in the village. There have a  few small round tables and a communal table that seats about 10 people sitting in the middle of the place. If it gets real busy you definitely can’t study or lounge around the place. Crepe…

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    Zee Grill Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

    Zee Grill Seafood Restaurant is one of the oldest and best seafood restaurants in Toronto. I read several great reviews and a friend had also recommended their “surf and turf”. I absolutely LOVED my experience there – minus 1 thing… but will definitely come back! The exterior of the restaurant isn’t fancy or anything but when you walk in it’s a totally different vibe – romantic with lots of candles and spotlights. I loved how they filled up the exposed brick walls with random quotes!   I loved how cozy and warm the restaurant felt. There’s also a private party room to the left of where I was seated “All your dreams can come true……

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    Dinner @ 新疆 (Xin Jiang)

    My friend had been going on and on for almost a year and a half (lol) about the best lamb skewers in town and I didn’t think I was much of a lamb person or a skewer person for that matter until she brought me here a month ago. I absolutely loved it and went back with my parents recently! I actually regret not coming here earlier and have no idea why it took me SO long (lol) I went to Xin Jiang on a Saturday night around 6pm and around an hour later – the place was COMPLETELY packed and people were huddling around the door! My parents and I felt under pressure to…

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    Windsor Arms Hotel

    I had my very first high tea experience at Windsor Arms Hotel EIGHT MONTHS AGO back in May (lol) YES! I realize how late this post is – and for those that know me –  I am a HUGE procrastinator. Anyways, enough about me! Windsor Arms Hotel is located on St. Thomas Street, steps away from Yorkville.   The lobby of Windor Arms Hotel The tea room is absolutely stunning and beautiful. The room is painted dark purple with light purple drapes, white ceiling and a beautiful crystal chandelier filling the center of the room. This picture was taken when we first arrived. But when the room started to fill to capacity- I thought it was way too…

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    Shiso Tree Cafe

    Drove all the way out to J-town and indulged in a delicious Japanese inspired Italian cuisine for the very first time. When I first heard about it I was like huh? How does Japanese & Italian work?! But nevertheless, when I arrived at this particular comfortable and cozy cafe, I came to realize that this was a Japanese owned pasta house. I am a sucker for pasta and I must say their pasta was very “detail -oriented” – the uniqueness and combinations is very different then the pastas you usually find.  The pasta was pretty good but I’ve had better but I did indeed loveeeeeeeeeeed their fries *nom nom nom* They have 3 different types…

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    Toula Ristorante & Bar

    (Super delayed post! & a Super short post- because I’m in a rush!) My relatives from Hong Kong came to visit during the weeks of Summerlicious. I was totally excited to take advantage of the summerlicious deals and chose go to  Toula again. Despite the mixed reviews, I actually enjoyed my first visit there a year ago- absolutely loved the lobster pasta and the tiramusi I ordered for dessert. Server was friendly and attentive. The restaurant itself had magnificent views during night – overlooking the nightlife of downtown Toronto. However, I was really disappointed with my whole experience during this second visit. The food and service was “meh” so I was literally just paying for…

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    Nami Japanese Seafood

    Driving along Adelaide, I noticed Nami Japanese Seafood. Judging from the exterior, I thought Nami was something mysterious because the outside is solid black with just “NAMI” written. You definitely couldn’t tell it is a restaurant – and at one point I thought it was a nightclub because the entrance looks so much like the entrance to Embassy Night club (lol)   Anyways, after doing some research about Nami, I came back a few days later =D The traditional cuisine is really warm and cozy. Booths were lined up along one side of the restaurant, the back had long tables for larger groups and on the right was an open sushi bar and a open…

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    Five Guys

    When I walked into Five Guys, I noticed that it was a very “50s” feel – red and white checkered throughout the whole restaurant and then I noticed all the signs along the walls reading = “Voted Best Burger for Families” ,  “Voted Best Bargain” , “The BEST $5 Burger a man can eat” etc. – Umm, I guess I was slightly disappointed and don’t get me wrong – the burgers were fresh – but nothing special in my opinion (I’ll explain more later). The menu is simple and easy to read. There are no combos – so it becomes slightly more expensive.  A meal can cost a person up to $10-$15 if you get fries…

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    Yuzu Sushi & Sake Bar

    Hands Down. Yuzu Sushi & Saki bar is one of my top picks for sushi in downtown Toronto. I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Yuzu a few months ago. Everything I ordered was made insanely fresh and well presented and the sashimi was UBER DELICIOUS!!. I absolutely love everything about this restaurant. Yuzu is very modern and comtemporary looking – opened by Chef Ken (owner of Sushi Couture, former owner of Japango). However, Yuzu is more on the pricey side but it is definitely money well spent.  I would definitely recommend this place for sushi lovers =] Website: Interior of the Restaurant: Spicy Tuna Roll ($7) absolutely loved this roll the only thing I didn’t like was…

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    Lunch at Spencer’s Restaurant

    I just realized my favourite way to destress myself is to photoshop pictures. I just photoshopped some pictures from about a few months ago when I went to 1340 Lakeshore Road in Burlington! Indulged in a yummy duck confit pizza at Spencer’s Restaurant facing the sparkling lake. The view from the restaurant was absolutely breathtaking!! Wish we made an earlier reservation to sit on the patio to face the lake but we got a window seat so – Not bad at all *smiles* The food at Spencer’s Restaurant is just average – well at least I was satisfied with my entree. I can’t vouch for anything else because there has been mixed reviews about the…

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    Kikoni Izakaya

    Kokoni Izakaya is located in the heart of “The Village” and has been open for a few months now. The cozy restaurant is just located steps away from Guu Izakaya and serves a variety of small tapas-style specialty dishes that goes well with beer! I really enjoyed indulging in the foods here. In my opinion, I found that their food tasted average – not really memorable prices are a lot cheaper than Guu. However, their service is closer to the slow side and this was expected as I read reviews about their “slow service but good food” Despite the slow service, I actually don’t mind waiting for food (as long as I’m not in a rush)…

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    Cafe 28

    Cafe 28 place is incredibly cheap just like a lot of other places in Markham/ Richmond Hill area. Its definitely a hidden gem, decent food, well presented but obviously not top notch quality – but hey! you get what you pay for! =p This place is definitely worth a try and definitely worth the price! Cafe 28 has a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal for $19.99 from Monday-Wednesday nights & another Buy 1 Get 1 Free for $29.98 from Thursdays-Sundays. I’ve tried both deals and find the weekend deal is better in terms of quality of the food. Because they don’t have a website (yet), I took a picture on the menu =]  Caesar…

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    LUMA is one of O&B newest (second newest to be exact) restaurant located in the heart of the entertainment district of downtown Toronto. I was tres exicted to eat here as many foodies have raved about this place during summerlicious 🙂 Overall, I enjoyed my experience – our server was attentive, the interior is very modern – we were seated by the glass window so we got a great view of King Street.  But I mainly enjoyed my experience at Luma because I unexpectedly enjoyed my dish. I ordered the free range chicken – I am usually hesitant to order chicken at any restaurant in general because it usually comes out extremely dry; but I decided…

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