Everything You Need to Know About Amazon The Drop Collections

Today on the blog, I want to share with you everything there is to know about Amazon The Drop Collections! I first came upon “The Drop” when I was browsing through @graceatwood‘s Instagram and she kept on mentioning her upcoming clothing line partnership with Amazon. COOL RIGHT?! I was so glad to discover Grace’s collection before it was released otherwise I would have been SUPER gutted to not be able to pick up one of her signature house dresses! I will explain more about how The Drop works below.

Okay, so what is The Drop?

Essentially, Amazon teams up influencers from around the world (New York, Paris, Tokyo etc.) to design a line of clothes that is only available for purchase for 30 hours on Amazon. Once the 30 hours are up, or if the clothes sell out first, the clothing line is gone forever. Meaning, the clothes won’t be restocked again. The reason the collections can be sold out before the 30 hours is because Amazon only stocks a certain amount of fabric to make these clothes. The clothes are produced after the 30 hours are up to ensure there is no waste. Since the clothes are made on demand, there is a 3-4 week delivery date depending on where you are located.

How does The Drop actually work?

Prior to the actual release date of each influencer’s The Drop collection, the influencer and Amazon will release everything you need to know about the collection on Instagram. This information includes the actual release date of the collection, photos of the entire clothing line including price point, sizing (XXS – 3XL), material of the clothes etc. Amazon tends to do a Q&A the day before the collection drops on their Instagram page. There is a catch to this though – they do not tell you what time the collection drops so you have to sign up for text message alerts that will let you know once the collection drops.

Why do I like The Drop so much?

I’m a bit of a competitive shopper at heart and so shopping an exclusive and limited The Drop collection makes things that much more fun! I think the whole concept is brilliant. I love the idea of supporting my favourite influencers and getting introduced to new influencers whom I’ve never heard of through Amazon The Drop! It puts a huge smile on face to see other females influencers and entrepreneurs killing it out there!

Other things I need to know?

I’ve shopped through 4 or 5 The Drop collections now and it takes exactly 1 month for the clothes to arrive. There is free shipping and no duties on all orders. Be sure to order the collection from your region (in my case, Amazon.ca) to ensure you don’t have to pay duties. I’ve had to return a few pieces and there is a small shipping fee ($8.00 CAD) since the clothes are made to order.

I’m not sure how the pricing works but generally speaking items in the collection could cost anywhere between $60 CAD – $120 CAD. For some of the items, you can definitely find similar products at lower price points elsewhere so I tend to stick to the pieces unique to the collections. Plus, it’s all about supporting female entrepreneurs right? 🙂

In terms of quality, all the pieces I’ve ordered have been great quality. They do not feel cheap or like they will get damaged in the wash. However, I have read reviews for other items with poorer quality so I think it depends on the collection. So far, the black blouse from @emisuzuki_official‘s collection and the two house dresses from @graceatwood‘s collection have turned out really well.

I find that the sizing is pretty TTS. As I mentioned earlier, a bunch of information about each piece of clothing is released on Instagram the evening before the collection drops. Amazon usually includes whether the items are regular fit or loose fit. Depending on the brand, I am usually a small or medium. The black blouse was a regular fit, and so I purchased it in medium. The house dresses were loose fit and I purchased both items in a small. I also really appreciate that they have a bunch of other bloggers wear the pieces in different sizes. It really gives you a better idea of what the pieces will look like.


OK, lets shop!

You can shop via this link or by searching “The Drop” on Amazon. At first, I found navigating The Drop a little bit confusing, but I got the hang of it eventually. There are 3 sections to The Drop page:

  • Staples by The Drop – items that are available all year round. I noticed influencers will pair Staples such as shoes and purses with their clothing
  • Upcoming Influencers – this is pretty self explanatory and this is how I discover new influencers to follow. I usually check out influencers with upcoming collections on Instagram to see if their style is something that interests me
  • Just a Few Left – These items are from past collections where people have returned the clothes for whatever reason so generally stock is pretty limited. I’ve ordered a couple of pieces from past collections and they come nicely packaged as if its brand new. The black blouse with the sheer puffy sleeves is an item designed as part of Tokyo influencer @emisuzuki_official‘s collection back in September 2019.
IMG_0679 (1)

I’m currently waiting patiently for @caralynmirand‘s collection that dropped a few weeks ago. I picked up a summery blue wrap dress and blue flowy pants. Can’t wait!

That’s it from me! Feel free to follow along my Instagram page where I update daily with what I’m up to!

Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung



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