Weekend Reading Links 07.03.20

Happy Friday and weekend guys! I had the best day off on Canada Day this week and I actually might start taking some time off in the middle of the week. It was totally the break I didn’t know I needed. Eden and I decided to take our bikes out for a ride around the neighbourhood. As soon as we got the main road though, I was terrified that I was going to get hit by a truck. We ended up biking around in circles in an empty parking lot LOL. After our eventful bike ride, we went for a walk and stopped at a quiet grassy area near the water in Sherbourne Common. We lunched on some tuna sandwiches that we had prepared and laid out and relaxed on my new Indigo picnic blanket that I just love so much! PS. We are still wearing masks when we head to public places. Eden snapped this photo of me right after we finished our sandwiches 🙂

We don’t have anything set in stone for this weekend but I’m hoping to give my home office a makeover. I also need to visit a Zara location to return a few items that didn’t make it to my haul that I posted about earlier this week.

Here’s how to download your old Facebook photos so you can keep a back up.

So it’s official! Season 2 is happening and we can’t wait!

Bloor-Yorkville is definitely open for summer

Did you guys know they’re making The Magic School Bus in to a live action film?! And you’ll never guess who just got casted as Ms. Frizzle!

WOW this Toronto restaurant received 4100 reservation requests in less than 5 hours!

Your July 2020 horoscopes are in!

Guys! This is the cutest summer dress ever

This is how you can clean your stainless steel sink

10 ways to detox your office & make it a happier and healthier living space (perfect weekend read for me since I’m starting an office makeover!)

This cast and crew shot this entire horror movie while in quarantine without ever meeting

Lastly, I almost forgot to include a picture of the dumplings we made from scratch last weekend for our date night!


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