Making home-made tacos!!!

So lately I’ve been on a Chipotle craze – day in and day out I’m always craving steak tacos or their burrito bowls! Its starting to add up on my visa bill. Even today – I wanted to go out of my way to give them a visit. But luckily enough for me, I was grocery shopping at Longos’ and saw a 10 piece taco shell kit on sale! I grabbed it instantly and bought minced pork, fresh lettuce and tomatoes to wip up something quick for my parents.

*I’m not implying in any way that my home made tacos can live up to the tacos at Chipotle but these are “grace’s version of  a home made – simple to make and eat tacos”* =)



The Kit comes with a sodium taco sauce which I really like – I spread that at the bottom of the taco shell and then place the minced meat on top. Then you can add all the other toppings like tomatoes, lettuce and cheese!

1 Old El Paso Hard Taco Dinner Kit

  • 10 hard taco shells made with whole grain
  • The kit has reduced sodium taco seasoning mix
  • The kit has reduced sodium taco sauce

1 Boston Lettuce
3 Tomatoes
0.50 Kg Extra Lean Ground Pork

If you guys have any other taco kit brands you like – OR even taco restaurants! please recommend and i’ll definitely check it out 🙂



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  1. andy1076
    June 11, 2014 / 12:37 pm

    Now even I got the cravings :O

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