Your Weekend Distraction 05.01.20

Happy Friday + Weekend friends! Quarantining is making me feel like the days and weeks are passing by really slowly – how is it already May?! Last weekend I mentioned that I was attending a marriage prep course via Zoom and I’m pleased to say that it went pretty well. It was an intense 20 hours (12 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday) and we covered so many topics in that time. The format of the discussions was a 30 min lecture followed by 15 mins to write alone which was then followed by 15 mins to discuss with your fiance. Rinse, lather and repeat for 20 hours (there is a COVID-19 handwashing joke here somewhere). I think we were both glad that we took the course – it was really insightful and helpful. The lead couples brought up awkward, sensitive & uncomfortable topics that really forced us to sit down, think hard and address certain issues. Everyone was mailed workbooks prior to the course and we wrote in them throughout the course. I think it’ll be really funny to come back and see what we wrote down in a couple of years! Either way, I’m just happy its the weekend again now.

Enough about me, I hope you enjoy these links I’ve gathered from this past week below – happy reading everyone!

So, I have this really weird passion for unresolved real life mysteries (I know, I know) and so lately I’ve been super hooked to this podcast. Over a couple of episodes, they talk about the unresolved theft case that happened in 1990 in the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum in Boston. The thiefs stole 13 pieces of art and to date, it is still one of the largest unresolved art heist valuing half of a billion dollars! No arrests + No suspects!

If you are like me and enjoy these types of podcasts – here’s another podcast where the talk about the conspiracy theories of Princess Diana’s death. This is another good one!

Have you guy’s seen Chris Hemsworth’s newest movie on Netflix yet? He’s looking mighty fine.

How comfy do these lounge wear tops look?

Did you see that a Pennsylvania librarian made a Harry Potter Escape room in Google Forms

Take this punctuation quiz and tell me what score you get! I got 9 of 11 correct and I was pretty sure I got all of them correct LOL

Learn how to make a studio apartment feel grand

Book of the month is a monthly book subscription for the States only. BUT I like to peruse their website anyways to see what books are to come. They often have books on there that aren’t released yet!

Here are some free virtual events you can look forward to this month

Every new title release coming to Netflix this month!

Try taking these 13 virtual train rides around the world.

If you love matcha lattes like I do, here’s a great matcha latte recipe to use at home


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