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YAY! I finally made it to the 3 most talked about ramen places in Toronto! (That being Kinton, Santouka and finally Sansotei!) And with all the ramen joins opening up so quickly all of a sudden, its definitely been hard to keep up!

Sansotei Ramen (@sansoteiramen) located near Yonge and University, is a small & narrow restaurant that joined the Toronto scene late of last year.  Sansotei Ramen strives to focus on the few popular Japanese flavours while keeping things simple.

I’ve read & have heard lots of people complain about the waiting times…My friend and I arrived later on a Wednesday evening and were seated 10 minutes or so after waiting! Not too bad…

Table seating:

Gyoza ($4.50)

  • The Gyoza was perfectly cooked, the skin was thin and crisp – quite yummy 

Closer Shot

Taken from their website. Sansotei uses fresh pork bone delivered daily to make their signature broth – Tonkotsu. It takes hours to cook and they measure the concentration level hourly to ensure that the broth has reached the ideal thickness and texture.

When our server took our orders, she asked us what kind of noodles we preferred, giving us an option of thick, regular or thin.

Tonkotsu Ramen ($9.25)

  • Chashu Black Fungus, Egg, Green Onion 
  • I opted for their regular noodles just to be safe. I personally found their “regular” noodles to be a bit tougher but the broth was delicious and very warming – Though, after a few sips, I found it a bit salty.  I enjoyed the addition of the egg in the soup.
  • The pork was rich and fatty – it slowly melted in my mouth.

Closer Shot:

Miso Ramen ($9.50)

  • Chashu Corn, Bean Sprout, Egg, Green Onion 
  • My friend thought her miso ramen was overall salty.

Closer Shot:

I thoroughly enjoyed this place. The Broth is flavourful, the “regular” noodles, I personally found a bit tough though they do offer thicker or thinner noodles to suit your preferences. Sansotei does indeed provide hearty bowls of ramen while keeping things simple. Lastly, just a little thought, the portions are good for one person though it was a little smaller comparing it to its competitors…. What do you guys think? 🙂

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