Rock Lobster

Prior to becoming a restaurant, Rock Lobster (@RockLobsterFood) made appearances here & there via Food Trucks! Though I never had a chance to check them out before I was quite excited to visit them especially after seeing pictures of their Rock Lobster Poutine on TorontoLife (See Here). How awesome is that? My 2 favourite things together =D

Located on the Ossington Strip, Rock Lobster is opened by Co-owner Chef Matt Pettit & Partner Darryl Fine. Matt was really nice and made his way around to every table – just to check up on things.

Stella (@foodieyu) & I arrived on a early Sunday evening – yay to no line ups! Once you walk in, you’ll see a display of fresh seafood reminding you,  you’re in seafood land!

Rock Lobster Caesar ($12.00)

  • Ketel One Vodka + Steak Spice + Clamato + Tobasco Sauce + Worchestershire Sauce + A Nova Scotia Lobster Tail
  • Stella opted for their signature ceasar which was a great steal and c’mon .. it comes with a lobster tail!!!

Lobster Poutine ($13.00)

  • Yukon hand cut fries, Lobster Bisque Gravy, QC Cheese Curds, Fresh Lobster & Chives 
  • The poutine was covered in bisque and curds layered on a bed of fries – overall it felt a bit short due to the fact that poutine was served a bit luke warm preventing the cheese curds to melt

Lobster Roll ($14.00)

  •  Yukon chip & McClure’s Dill Pickles 
  • With generous portions of lobster pieces filling up the white bread, I was really satisfied with this roll. It was the perfect amount of creaminess & bits of lobster pieces.
  • The chips were a bit salty for me.

Lobster Mac n Cheese ($14.00) 

  • Fresh Lobster & Aged Canadian Cheddar & Panko Crust 
  • The Lobster pieces in this Mac n Cheese is a bit subtle – the Mac n Cheese itself was a bit dry and chewy.

Rock Lobster is definitely something something – with your daily comfort foods incorporated with lobster chunks here & there. There were some hits and misses but I loved the vibe this place gave off. It’s a relaxing place just to grab snacks & a few drinks. Their lobster roll is something I crave for every so often haha!

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