8 Top Shop Midi Dresses to Add to Your Closet This Summer

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Aloha! As the temperature is getting hotter and hotter, I CANNOT wait to slip into these pretty summer midi (and maxi) dresses from Top Shop. Right now, Top Shop is doing a colourful collection of dresses and some of these are available in regular, petite and maternity sizes! They’re very comfortable and flowy to wear. These dresses are great to wear for a day out in the park or if you want to wear something comfortable for a day in the office or even a future “all-you-can-eat” attire for those family buffet meals *fingers crossed that this will be able to happen very soon!*

I’ve been following some UK based instagrammers such as @fellaby. Her own colourful collection of these flowy maxi summer dresses really inspired me to collect a few myself. So here are the 8 Top Shop Midi Dresses You Must Have This Summer:

From left to right, top to bottom:

1// Abstract-Print Tiered Midi Dress – This is the most fitted dress and also the dress that shows the most waist. I really like the pattern on this dress.

2// Multicoloured Floral Print Tea Dress – This dress is the only maxi of the selection. I love the the bright vibrant colours of this dress.

3// Animal-Print V Midi Dress – This is the dress I’m wearing on the right in the cover photos above

4// Yellow Daisy Print Grandad Shirt Dress – I first saw Jess wear this Daisy dress and she totally inspired me to get my own. It makes such a cute house dress! This dress also comes in maternity and petite size.

5// Floral Godet Twist Front Dress – This dress is currently on sale for $32.00 CAD

6// Shirred Midi Dress – I love the look of this dress and anything with puffed sleeves. This dress also comes in black and blue.

7// Floral Frill Midi Dress – This is the dress on the left I’m wearing in the cover photo. I love the floral patterns and pop of colours.

8// Mesh Balloon Midi Dress – If you like the style of the shirred midi dress but want something more than a solid colour, this one is another great choice!

That’s it from me! Hope you guys enjoy this midi summer dress guide. Feel free to also follow along my Instagram page where I update daily with what I’m up to!


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