Lunch @ Dessert Trends Bistro

It’s not too often I get a chance to leave the financial district and trek all the way to Harbord Street during my lunch hour. This amazing opportunity happened last month over the Christmas holidays when coworkers suggested we visit Dessert Trends Bistro! Located in between Bathurst and Spadina, this restaurant serves not only sweets and pastries but also a take on Chef Don’s vision of different cuisines. My first visit was years back when I came from desserts – which was amazing! So I totally knew what I was in for 🙂

Once you walk past the doors, a galore of sweets welcome you! It’s totally worth your while to make a trip just for desserts.

Behind a set of curtains is the main eatery which I want to say is so inviting and relaxing. I couldn’t help snapping photos in every corner of this gorgeous space.

Vegetable Spring Rolls($6.00)

  • rice paper, tofu, taro and mushroom

Five-Spice Short Ribs Noodle Bowl ($15.00)

  • House Noodles, Mushrooms, Scallions, Ginger, Cucumber, Carrot, Black-Rice Vinaigrette

Daily Special
Coconut Curry Shrimp ($14.00)

  • Vietnamese curry, coconut milk, onion, plain naan, side green apple salad

(From their Dinner Menu)
Beef Bourguignon ($20.00)

  • Red wine, Mushrooms, Green beans

Chicken & Gouda Sandwich ($14.00)

  • Asparagus, Sundried Tomato with Salad or Frites

This was such an amazing lunch experience. My favourites include the vegetable spring rolls (lightly deep fried – served pipping hot on a bed citrusy veggies that almost reminded me of a ceviche). In fact all the appetizers and everything I sampled during lunch was consistently good. Everyone enjoyed the things ordered – actually my coworker loved the coconut curry shrimp naan, she ordered one for take away to savour alone for dinner! The flavours here were simple and easy on the palette. DT Bistro also offers high tea on the weekends (which I am looking forward to try!)


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  1. Michelle
    December 12, 2015 / 12:21 am

    I spent a lot of money on a large croquembouche for an event, for it to show up hard as a rock. I asked for spun sugar, I was told they can only do caramel because of the weather, but the croquembouche was cemented together with a thick layer of caramel, to the point where not one piece could be taken off by hand, or by using a knife. We thought it was frozen, but it was in the same shape 5 hours later. The half piece we were able to pry off had a good flavor, but the caramel shards were very hard and sharp. The server at the party advised that she has seen many croquembouches in her day, but told us this one was done wrong. I told Chef Don that I was extremely disappointed and felt taken advantage of, to receive a message from his assistant advising that he has never had a complaint, and that they had to make it like that to survive the trip and hours on a sweet table. Why would I spend $250 plus $60 delivery for a centerpiece that can’t be eaten? I even emailed him a video of the server and my husband hacking at it with a knife, and they still won’t take responsibility.

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