When I first came across the Lucien Groupon – $30 for $60, I was hesitant because of all the mixed reviews but ended up purchasing it anyways. Lucien (@lucientoronto) is a intimate European restaurant located on Wellington that present dishes made from local produce. Despite the mixed reviews I was still excited to check this place out – we ended up visiting on a Friday night – and was glad I ended up making reservations because the restaurant was almost packed when we arrived.

The layout and decor of Lucien is really nice. Dark furniture, red drapes and beautiful chandeliers hovering the dining tables- elegant and quirky – giving it a rustic vibe. It’s such a beautiful space for a romantic dinner.

I’ve checked out their online menu prior visiting and was slightly disappointed when I found out it was quite different when presented at the restaurant. Restaurant menu changes is a good sign showing the chef’s creativity however, consistency is a must in an establishment like this…

Table setting.

B.C. Halibut ($34.00)

  • Fish chowder, Mexican choirizo fennel
  • My friend thought the halibut was decent. – it was a bit overcooked – a little dry – but the Mexican choirizo fennel had a lot of flavour

House Made Pasta ($27.00)

  • Daily Special, made every afternoon
  • Shrimp Fettuccine in a cream saffron sauce
  • The pasta here was good – served hot. I liked the saffron sauce – it was very tasty – unfortunately there wasn’t enough sauce to go around the dish – so it was a bit dry
  • The pasta was a bit chewy for my liking – tiny portions though 🙁

Lucien, just like I expected it to be – was just mediocre. My dining experience altogether wasn’t very memorable plus the small portions doesn’t seem to justify with the price point. We felt extremely intimidated by our waitress – it felt like we were bothering her whenever we needed something. Anyways, I’m thankful for the Groupon but honestly, my experience here didn’t leave enough of an impression for me to return anytime soon.

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