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Whenever I dine in Mississauga, I’d only visit Chinese restaurants with the family. And of course, when it came to European Restaurants I would simply head over downtown Toronto. To be honest, Mississauga carries a lot of chained restaurants – that never appealed to me much so I never bothered. But recently a friend had told me about an authentic Italian restaurant, Alioli Ristorante, located near Square One shopping mall so we decided to check it out on a weeknight…

Once we walked through the doors, we were warmly greeted. The tables here were decent but it wasn’t very spacious for privacy – noise level was rather high…

2 page menu – I was automatically drawn to the pasta section 🙂 Quite a few selection to choose from…

Bread to start: I don’t remember eating this at all…

Frittura Mista ($15.00)

  • Deep fried marinated squid, shrimp, zucchini crusted in corn flour
  • This dish tasted amazing – the frittura were at a good size – perfectly cooked – crisping the outer layer, not rubbery or overlooked – paired perfectly well with the dipping sauce
  • I couldn’t stop eating the frittura as it was quite addicting 🙂

Linguine Pescatore ($23.00)

  • Fresh pasta, lobster meat, scallops, shrimps, diced tomato, white wine lemon dill cream sauce
  • The linguine – cooked to a perfect al dente – was delectable – the pasta was drenched in a rich creamy sauce filled with lobster flavour
  • There was enough seafood in the pasta which was really delicious altogether – incredibly aromatic

Filetto di Manzo ($34.00)

  • 7oz grilled beef tenderloin, peppercorn brandy cream
  • My friend’s tenderloin was suppose to be cooked to a medium rare – but was served medium
  • Our server was more than glad to give him a new tenderloin that was cooked to a medium rare

Although I think this restaurant serves amazing pasta – I find some of their other menu items overpriced. Another setback I found was that our waiter was a bit over attentive to the point I felt he was quite nosy and made me feel rather uncomfortable (Note that this does not apply to all servers at Alioli).  With that being said, I do admit I crave their Linguine Pescatore from time to time…so I guess I would be returning to indulge in their pastas and hopefully service would be better on the next visit =)

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  1. andy1076
    June 14, 2012 / 11:30 pm

    There’s a restaurant here in Vancouver called Anton’s. People normally line up up to an hour well before dinner and the portions are huge, plus the pasta is freshly made as well as the sauce. So, you’re right! the food here really is kinda pricey 🙁

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