Wabora Fusion Japanese Restaurant (@WaboraSushi) is an upscale restaurant located within the Thompson Hotel in the King St West District. When I was asked by a friend to come up with an upscale Japanese restaurant in downtown – I honestly didn’t feel like splurging at Blowfish or AME,  So I ended up doing a bit of research on Urbanspoon hoping to find a restaurant with a cheaper price point  and so, a few days later we ended up at Wabora.

Wabora is a very classy establishment – stylish and chic. High ceilings, drapes over the windows and a HUGE wine rack when you walk in – a dark modern decor with candles placed on every table.

The picture of the sushi bar below almost makes Wabora look like a lounge!

Some of the prices on the menu really boggled my mind

Seaweed Salad ($6.50)

Crispy Crunch Roll ($14.00)

  • Crispy on your ear and sweet on your tongue! Fresh avocado and cucumber harmonize with crunch shrimp tempura and crabmeat plus the spicy salmon, top with sweet and spicy crispy crunch
  • This was probably my favourite menu item of the night! I love rolls and this one did not disappoint – the spicy sauce gives the roll a bit of a kick – but overall it was delectable!

Small Boat ($43.00)

  • 10pc Sushi +  2 Sushi Rolls + 3 Slices Sashimi
  • Everything on the boat was just alright …

Overall, there were little minor setbacks. First of all, the restaurant seemed to be overstaffed but for some odd reason our waitress was nowhere to be seen. We had to kindly bother a different lady to refill our tea and to get our bill. Honestly, after our waitress took our order – she literally went MIA. Second of all, the food here is alright  but it was pretentiously overpriced for what its worth – you can definitely find the same quality for a better price elsewhere.

Wabora (Thompson Hotel) on Urbanspoon

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  1. andy1076
    June 11, 2012 / 9:45 pm

    Holy crap you aren’t kidding about the price, I could easily go somewhere and pay the same amount for double quality and amount. 🙁

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