Zee Grill Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Zee Grill Seafood Restaurant is one of the oldest and best seafood restaurants in Toronto. I read several great reviews and a friend had also recommended their “surf and turf”. I absolutely LOVED my experience there – minus 1 thing… but will definitely come back!

The exterior of the restaurant isn’t fancy or anything but when you walk in it’s a totally different vibe – romantic with lots of candles and spotlights. I loved how they filled up the exposed brick walls with random quotes!


I loved how cozy and warm the restaurant felt. There’s also a private party room to the left of where I was seated

All your dreams can come true… if you have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney (Sorry about the glare – lol)

I was slightly disappointed when I found out they didn’t offer any mixed drinks i.e. cocktails =( They only offered wine and pop …

Bread to start:

  • I didn’t like the bread – it wasn’t warm and was extremely chewy and hard

B.C. Dungeness Crab Cake ($13)

  • the crab cake was served with corn relish & sambal aioli
  • Although the crab cake wasn’t large (finished in about 3 bites lol) literally every bite was ALL fresh crab meat
  • it was incredibly delicious and scrumptious

Surf and Turf ($28)

  • 5 oz AAA Alberta Angus Tender Loin & jumbo prawns & spinach-potato mash vidalia onion rings
  • I loved how the chef was so gentle in assembling this dish
  • I usually opt out when it comes to mushrooms- I don’t mind the texture but I simply dislike the taste of it – however, I finished all the mushrooms on this plate (for the first time); it was flavourful and delicious

Close Up of the spinach-potato mash vidalia onion rings

  • the onion rings were crispy – not too hard or chewy
  • I thought the spinach potato mash went SO well together
  • the mash was so soft and creamy – I wish they added more to the plate (lol)

Close up of 5 oz AAA Alberta Angus Tender Loin & jumbo prawns

  • the prawns and my medium rare tender loin were both cooked perfectly
  • flavourful and well-seasoned

Wild Stripped Sea Bass ($27) – can’t comment about the sea bass because I didn’t try it

And of course I didn’t order desserts because I like to optimize my experiences by trying new places after dinner : ) I would definitely come back because my surf and turf was delectable; honestly one of the best surf and turfs I ever had – and also need to try their oysters : )  The only downside is that maybe it is a tad pricier than other seafood restaurants but its money well spent!

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