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Crepe it up is definitely the best crepe joint in Toronto by far!!! I’ve tried many dessert places around town but none of them have made me crave their desserts the day after (lol). I have past by this place numerous times and if I had known about their amazing crepes I wouldn’t have wasted so much time looking for the perfect “crepe place”

Crepe it up is a small and some what cozy place in the village. There have a  few small round tables and a communal table that seats about 10 people sitting in the middle of the place. If it gets real busy you definitely can’t study or lounge around the place.

Crepe it up serves a wide range of home made goodies from sweet and savory crepes to fresh sandwiches, home made soup, pastries and hot beverages. You can also purchase specialty coffee beans here.

Dark Angel Crepe  ($4.25)

  • Chocolate hazelnut crepe wrapped around an ice cream ball
  • this crepe was amazingly good – the texture was very soft and chewy – the batter was perfect – it instilled a smooth texture of buttery and creamy flavour
  • the crepe stays warm for a very long time – even the very last bite the crepe was still warm and was surprisingly filling
  • the combination of everything was absolutely perfect- I honestly felt like I was in heaven

I absolutely love this place- its friendly and affordable. I can’t wait to come back and try their savory crepes or sandwiches as a snack or late lunch.  Honestly, if I lived in the area I would be here indulging in their perfect crepes every night.

P.S In case I do not post within the next few days, I want to wish everybody a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be safe and eat lots = ] 

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