Dinner @ 新疆 (Xin Jiang)

My friend had been going on and on for almost a year and a half (lol) about the best lamb skewers in town and I didn’t think I was much of a lamb person or a skewer person for that matter until she brought me here a month ago. I absolutely loved it and went back with my parents recently! I actually regret not coming here earlier and have no idea why it took me SO long (lol)

I went to Xin Jiang on a Saturday night around 6pm and around an hour later – the place was COMPLETELY packed and people were huddling around the door! My parents and I felt under pressure to quickly finish our meal since people were waiting outside in the freezing cold.

The Menu: reminded me of a viet -pho menu only because of the numbers labelled beside the dishes and also because of the pictures on the right side of each page

The place mat – and I wished I only noticed this earlier T____T It showed some of their most popular and their specialty – traditional dishes from the Xin Jiang region in China that you can’t find at a typical Chinese restaurant

特色炒餅 Stir fry shredded pancake ($7.99)

  • For me, this was absolutely mind-blowing – I ordered this both visits and LOVED it
  • I believe they used a special kind of Xin Jiang noodles because the texture of the noodles isn’t the typical noodles you can find at other Chinese cuisines
  • You have a choice of chicken / beef / just vegetables – I opted for the chicken
  • I know this just looks like a typical Chinese noodle dish but there’s just something so unique about it – maybe it was the sauce they used or just the combination of the bean sprouts and shredded veggies with chicken….
  • All in all, it was the perfect combination, everything blended so well together – absolutely flavourful

四季豆炒牛肉 Stringed Beans and Shredded Pork ($7.99)

  • This dish was mediocre, I prefer this dish at Shanghai-nese restaurants
  • The spices that they used were really powerful – maybe a bit overpowering that I couldn’t really taste the stringed beans
  • Please note that dish is extremely spicy for those that can take in little to no “spices”

BBQ Skewer Kabob ($2 / skewer)

  • BBQ skewers are one of the most popular Xinjiang dishes in China – the chunks of meat came out on really long metal skewers
  • I opted for the tofu, chicken wing, beef and lamb skewer
  • 4-5 pieces on each skewer
  • Honestly, I didn’t like the tofu skewer that much because they grilled it way too dry =S
  • The chicken wings skewer and beef were mediocre

Lamb Skewer [Round 2]

  • the lamb skewer is definitely a MUST TRY – I had to order another round of pure lamb skewers
  • the lamb was very juicy, tender and cooked perfectly – not dry at all
  • I’m assuming they used some sort of of Xin Jiang spices to make the skewers even more flavourful
  • However, the spices they used is a “love it or hate it” thing
  • My dad found the spices tasted weird with the skewers (not your typical kind of spicy-sauce)
  • I wouldn’t use “weird” to describe it – it’s unique –  but I absolutely loved it =]

This place for me is definitely a hidden gem. From both the times I have been here, they didn’t disappoint with the lamb skewer and the fried pancake noodles =] Will definitely come back!

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