Its on at Ontario Place!


I can’t remember the last time I’ve visited Ontario Place but its definitely been over 15 years! The fondest memory I have of Ontario Place is visiting the park during Chinese New Year with all my cousins when we were very little – running around the entire park with our moms were chasing after us! I remember how fascinated we all were with the lantern displays along the water and how festive the entire park looked.

Fast forward 15 years – a whole lot has changed and lucky for us, we were able to experience the summer 2018 attractions during a visit at the park last week. This is what we got up to:

– Visiting the Cinesphere IMAX
– Outdoor Skating
– Beach Volleyball
– Music in Trillium Park



Currently playing at the Cinesphere IMAX are The Trolley, Under the Sea and Aircraft Carrier. With that being said, the programs at the Cinesphere will vary throughout the summer with a variety of educational and immersive documentaries. I am bringing E back with me later this summer to watch a documentary with me or two because the theatre is not like any theatre I’ve seen before (the set up of the theatre is a lot more steeper bringing the films more to life!) and its inexpensive for a date night!



I choose being in the heat over the cold any day so I was sold as soon as I saw outdoor skating on the itinerary. The skating rink at Ontario Park is Toronto’s only public outdoor summer skating rink with an amazing view of the water in its new location on the Helipad. If you’re like me and don’t own a pair of skates – rentals and sharpening facilities are available for a small cost.



E is obsessed with anything that has to do with volleyball so lucky for him, he can play his heart out this summer at Echo Beach. There are four full-sized courts. You can bring your own volleyball or rent one onsite.



Four snack bars are available at Ontario Place this year. Located along the waterfront trail, there are Fork in the Road and The Vista Eatery (LLBO). The Cinesphere snack bar is located in the lobby of the Cinesphere and the new General Store is located between Echo Beach and the Pavilion. All snack bars offer a variety of light snacks and beverages.



SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN TRILLUM PARK: I love to dance so dancing the afternoon way is totally up my street. The music will keep the entire family entertained with diverse musical performances. Indigenous DJs to Azerbaijani dance, traditional Japanese drumming, Franco – Ontario sounds and more. This is available every Sunday afternoon afternoon from June – August from 1-6pm.

THURSDAY NIGHTS IN TRILLIUM PARK: Every Thursday from 6-11pm, Trillium Park will feature emerging artists from Toronto’s multi-cultural music communities including genres such as Indie Rock, Alternative Folk, Hip Hop, Afro-Cuban Jazz and a whole lot more!


OTHER ACTIVITIES at Ontario Place this summer includes Ping Pong, Table Chess, Life Size Chess and Imagination Playground where children of all ages can create their own play space with uniquely shaped foam blocks. This is a free activity for children!

The best thing about Ontario Place is that you can roam around the park for free! Whether you’re someone that loves activities under the sun (or not) – there is always something for everyone! Please let me know in the comments what you look forward to doing at Ontario Place!


This tour was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content.


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