Patio Season at Kaka All You Can Eat (Downtown)

Photo by Janey @foodrealm

I swear it was still flippin’ chilly in Toronto not too long ago and here we are now celebrating the spring weather at Kaka All You Can Eat’s Patio. A few days ago, we had the pleasure of spending our evening enjoying Kaka’s new patio located in the heart of downtown Toronto with some exclusive tapas and drink menu only available to patio customers.

We sampled a galore of different specialty items which included Kaka’s Premium Seasonal Platter and their premium bluefin tuna sushi – which is only available at their downtown location that comes with no additional cost!  We also sampled their aburi oshi sushi set, beef tataki, fish tacos and last but not least – Kaka’s Sangria Cocktail – that is presented in a smokey fashion!

Photo by Janey @foodrealm

Photo by Janey @foodrealm

Of course with me being a huge sushi fan, I took the liberty to share with you some of my staples here at Kaka All You Can Eat.  One of my favourites include Chef Frank Special – a maki with salmon, Hokkaido scallop, fake crab meat salad, avocado and spicy mayo with unagi sauce. Kaka All You Can Eat also is also known for serving blow-torched sushi & blow-torched pressed sushi – so we definitely ordered those as well!






Kaka All You Can Eat – Downtown location is at 655 Bay Street with a price of $34.99 for weekday dinners and weekend all day.

This meal was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content.


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