Kintaro Izakaya

After an amazing yakitori experience at Kintori Yakitori a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to make it my mission to explore more restaurants that offers yakitori. A few days later, I found myself at Kintaro Izakaya (Facebook: Kintaro / Instagram: Kintaro_Izakaya), located on Church Street (few steps from Wellesley Subway Station). The restaurant was pretty quite throughout our meal. I wouldn’t exactly be jumping to compare the atmosphere to Kinka Izakayas’. Our server was knowledgeable yet short with his responses. Despite this, my friend and I genuinely enjoyed the items we ordered that evening.

{Left} First Kiss ($9.00)
{Right} Eastern Comfort ($9.00)

Psttttt – They have cocktail specials from Tuesday – Thursdays (all day) for $6.00

Salmon Sashimi ($6.00)

  • 4 pieces

Koroke ($4.00)

  • potato croquette
  • One of my favourite dishes. The Croquettes were battered and fried perfectly. The potato inside was oozing out of its crispy shell. So tasty!

Kintaro Don ($9.00)

  • grilled chicken and green pepper over rice

Sausage Yakitori ($5.50)

  • grilled sausage with mayo

Sanmainiku Yakitori ($5.50)

  • Pork Belly
  • This was my favourite skewer of the evening. Seasoning was perfect. Pork Belly was juicy and fatty. Uber good!

Tsukune ($6.50)

  • house made meatball

Sunazuri ($5.00)

  • Chicken Gizzard

Beef Tan ($7.50)

  • Tongue

The meal itself was very pleasant. Everything served was pretty consistent. In terms of Yaktori, I still prefer Kintori Yakitori. There is something about the yakitoris served there that are more satisfying in terms of seasoning, texture and portion size of the skewers.Though I will still be back in the near future to indulge in more of their Izakaya selections.


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