Sausage League @ Marben

Every year Marben Restaurant (@MarbenResto) hosts Sausage League, a competition where different restaurants battle in different rounds and eventually advances to be the ultimate Sausage Champion. The evening we visited Marben was Round 3 between Valdez (@theValdezTO) and Caplansky’s (@caplansky)

I am aware of how back logged this post is, but I thought I would still share my first ever sausage league experience with you guys! For those that don’t know how Sausage League works, you pay $25 for a beer and receive 1 sausage dish from each of the competitors! While the dishes are presented, they of course do not disclose who’s dishes belongs to which restaurants. You vote whether you enjoyed the “red” or “blue” sausage dish more and winner is announced on twitter that evening. Pretty neat stuff 🙂

Beau’s Lager



Smoked Risotto with Seared Scallops ($23)

  • chorizo, sea-buckthorn, hazelnuts, sea asparagus
  • I ordered as an extra because I really can’t resist the risotto’s at Marben. I always love their style and interpretation of the dish. Scallops are always seared perfectly while accompanied with the rich and flavourful smoked risotto.


I was quite eager to try both sausage dishes. I personally enjoyed the “RED sausage” more. For starters, the “BLUE sausage” was quite overwhelming in terms of the level of spiciness the sausage contained. The texture of the blue was slightly more rough and didn’t sit well in my mouth as well as the RED sausage.  The winner of the evening advancing to the next round was Caplanskys! (Red Sausage)


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