The Launch of TWISTED TFBD

Last year I was invited to a Catering Class by Toben Foods by Design (@ChefToben). So when I heard that they were launching a “TWISTED TFBD”, I was quite excited. For those that don’t know, Toben Foods by Design is a premier catering company in Toronto. They have created a delicious street style menu that will be popping up at festivals and events across the city in the coming months.

Last week I was invited to their Twisted TFBD pop-up restaurant at 2nd Floor Events for a preview of this street style menu. The Four Course tasting menu is inspired by global street style fare with a fair twist.

Table set up for the evening:


Bourbon-Ginger-Lemongrass Iced Tea

Some of the finger bites of the evening to kick off the launch of their new street style menu.

Jerk Seared Ahi Tuna

  • charred corn-compressed watermelon salad, crispy plaintain

Cucumber-Thai Basil Martini

Tastes” of Heirloom Tomato

  • lemongrass tomato water – mango kim chi, pickled cucmber, radish, cashew, scallion pancake

Lime Leaf-Sesame Fried Chicken

  • with lobster mash, khao soy curry, bacon-apple heirloom beet slaw

Korean Braised Beef Short Rib

  • bibimbap dumpling, sweet & sour brasied cabage, fried henès egg, Scallion – Mint ‘Chimichurri’


Green Tea Genoise, Coconut Tempura Peach, Chocolate Peanut Butter Shortcake 

I thoroughly enjoyed most dishes presented to us of the evening. I particularly found the amuse and tomato salad to be quite delicious. I rarely opt for salads when I dine out but this salad had the perfect amount of dressing topped with some fresh veggies with cashews that gave the dish some textural contrast. From that evening, I also enjoyed the lime leaf sesame fried chicken – deep fried perfectly and found the khao soy curry to be quite pleasant on the palate accompanied with the lobster mash. All in all, some things were more enjoyable than others but generally speaking, it’s great to watch Chef Toben develop this twist to his catering menu over the past year.


This meal was complimentary but remains unbiased in our content


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