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For those of you that have been following my blog – you can probably figure out that my favourite meal of the day is dinner. Hence the reason why my blog mainly consists of dinner posts haha. However, from time to time I do crave brunch items! And luckily for me, I managed to drag my friend with me to check out Hank’s Cafe (@hankscafe) really early in the morning on a cold rainy day (lol). They are located on Church Street just steps away from St. Lawrence Market.

Hank’s Cafe is spacious eatery , with ample tables, and very laid back and relaxing service. The restaurant has a lot of natural sunlight form the windows and doors at the front brightening up the cafe.

I would honestly love to bring my laptop & books and just hibernate here for an afternoon~

Hank’s Cafe serves all espresso and daily lunches – which includes a wide selection of all day breakfast items, brunch, sandwiches and burgers. I was quite overwhelmed with their all day breakfast menu. I actually wanted to order at least 2-3 items at once =S

Hot Chocolate ($3.25)

  • The hot chocolate was super comforting especially on a cold rainy day outside
  • I really liked that they sprinkled powder on the surface of the hot beverage

Avocado B.L.T ($7.00)

  • Smoky bacon strips, avocado, tomato, lettuce & mayo served on toasted ancient grain bread
  • My friend originally wanted pancakes but it wasn’t offered on the menu. He then ordered a French toast but we were informed they ran out of their home made bread – so he ended up ordering a BLT
  • He didn’t enjoy this sandwich at all … i’m assuming it’s because it was very dry…

Hank’s Benny ($13.00)

  • Two poached eggs with fresh tomato salsa, avocado, toasted english muffin & hollandaise sauce served with crispy home fries
  • I liked the Hank’s Benny, the avocados, red onions and tomato salsa were a good combination – I think generally I prefer chipotle hollandaise sauce – it was missing a flavour kick
  • I thought the crispy home fries were really yummy – giving the plate some texture.  it was a comforting indulgence

Eggs Any Style ($8.00)

  • Two eggs, bacon, sausage or peameal, toasted ancient grain bread & home fries

My experience at Hank’s Cafe was pretty good – I really enjoy the relaxing and and laid back feel of this restaurant though I wish I enjoyed my Hank’s Benny more. With that being said, the prices here are affordable so I’ll definitely be returning plus there were a few other menu items that caught my attention ie. the breakfast poutine =)

Couldn’t resist snapping a photo of my view on Church Street ~ Just wanted to share it with everyone!

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