Taco El Asador

As of lately, I’ve been on a hunt for some authentic Mexican food with somewhat of a lower price point than some other eateries. And after some research… VOILA! I found myself at Tacos El Asador, a little gem tucked away at the corner of Bloor St. West & Clinton in the Annex area. Frankly speaking, this visit to Taco El Asador was suppose to be a “light” snack before heading over to dinner… In fact, we didn’t even order that much food but ended up rolling out of here because it was THAT filling!

This restaurant is very small with less than 10 tables and of course, all the tables were occupied when we arrived with a line of people waiting to order. So its best to arrive early or else you’ll be standing around when there isn’t really much room to stand in the first place.

We opted to stay inside the restaurant so once the staff noticed we found a seat, they placed a bowl of homemade salsa (EXTREMELY spicy) and a bowl of sliced jalapenos, onions, peppers incase we required additional toppings to give things a little kick.

We ordered a Fanta: Orange! Haven’t had one of these in a while… it was crisp, cold & refreshing. And was definitely an excellent resort (or escape?) when we needed to  wash down all the after-taste of the foods we consumed.

Nachos ($6.73)

  • These nachos were not your average  at-the-bar-nachos. With more than generous portions, these nachos smothered in diced tomatoes, avocados, onions, feta cheese, black beans, and sour cream – looked amazing
  • My first few bites – I thought I was in heaven. I love avocados and cheese with my chips – my taste buds were bombarded with powerful flavours
  • But then slowly this plate of nachos started to hit me. There were too much diced onions going around – giving it a really strong bitter after taste & the black beans honestly didn’t sit well with me. All this was leaning towards the heavy side.

Chrispy Beef Taco ($2.70)

  • These chrispy beef taco came double layered – homemade taco shells were a crunchy delight
  • The crispness of the tacos flakes off perfectly when you bite in and the tamale has a lovely melange of starchy sweetness
  • Toppings included: cilantro (a good kick), onions, tomatoes, sour cream – which were all great fillings and delicious compliments

Soft Beef Taco ($2.45)

  • Also, double layered with toppings of cilantro, onions, tomatoes

All in all, I think Taco El Asador offers hearty  traditional tacos while being a reasonably priced alternative to some of the other hot spots right now. If I were to visit again I’m not sure I would order the nachos however, I could simply ask them to add less onions and no black beans so that wouldn’t be a strong-bitter aftertaste. Although, this eatery is quite small, their menu offers a variety so hopefully I can indulge in their fish tacos next time =)

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  1. caseylee18
    March 27, 2013 / 12:22 pm

    nice, i tried this place a while back, pretty cool joint. love these hole in the wall joints around the city. if you do visit again, try the pupusas; the fish tacos as you mentioned would be a good choice too. And if you’re interested, try el trompo another small mexican joint. Its located in the kensington area – around spadina and college. Theyre pretty cheap as well. if I’m not mistaken, around 10$ for 5 tacos (each taco order comes with 5). i came here before the whole reviews thing i’m doing and only have pictures from my phone, debating whether I should revisit and do a review or just use what i currently have

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