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So if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice I rarely blog about brunches. I can barely wake up in time for work during the week so getting up to go to brunch on my only day to sleep in is rather difficult. Anyways, for whatever reason my friend convinced me to do brunch last Saturday at Frank Restaurant, conveniently located inside The Art Gallery of Ontario (@agotoronto).

When we arrived, we were asked if we wanted to go with the Winterlicious Lunch menu but we opted for the brunch menu. Our server was funny and welcoming. He had no problem when we wanted to switch to a quieter area of the restaurant. (Photo below) I love the windows that stretch from ceiling to floor – its very inviting when there is a lot of natural light pouring inside the eatery. Also, I took this photo when we finished brunch- so around 4pm which probably explains why the restaurant was empty.

Breakfast Pastries 
freshly baked in-house, served with house-made preserve of the day,
FRANK’s famous bacon jam or vanilla crème fraiche

Pain au Chocolat ($5.00)

  • Ironically this was the first thing we ordered but never had a chance to eat it. We were going to save it until the end as “dessert” but we were full from everything else so we ended up packing this … 

Black-currant Scones ($6.00)

  • This is one of the very few scones that I’ve ever tried. And the texture for me, was a bit harder than I expected it to be
  • I smothered my scones in Frank’s famous bacon Jam and vanilla creme fraiche – it was light and sweet – the texture of their famous jam is a bit chunkier than what you normally find in stores.
  • I couldn’t really taste the vanilla creme fraiche after trying Frank’s famous bacon jam…

Robbie’s Breakfast Poutine ($12.00)

  • sausage, bacon, tomatoes  and scallion, topped with crumbled goat cheese and 2 year old ontario cheddar with fried egg, on a bed of house-cut frites and gravy 
  • The crispiness of the fries worked really well for me – The thin layer of gravy with melted cheddar coating the fries with an addition of runny egg made it taste amazing
  • Sausage, bacon, tomatoes and scallion – my best friends – although the pieces were smaller than my expectations, they were everywhere! Every bite I took I could taste the ontario cheddar infused with bacon bits

Smoked Salmon Benny ($19.00)

  • smoked salmon with poached eggs and tarragon yuzu hollandaise
    on a croissant with baby salad greens
  • The baby green salad on the side was the perfect light side I was hoping to escape to because the Smoked Salmon Benny was leaning towards the filling side
  • First off, I rarely opt for croissant but this one was amazing! It was a little crispy on the shell but once you bite into it, its soft  and fluffy on the inside
  • The eggs were poached perfectly, The hollandaise really kicks the egg up to a whole new level

If I were to sum up for brunch here with just one word it would be: delighted. Everything from start to finish was prepared carefully and executed really well. Our server was funny and attentive. Overall, it was a very delightful meal with the exception of waiting for our last dish to come out – which took quite a bit of time. I personally would love to come back for that breakfast poutine & the smoked salmon benny.

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    February 6, 2013 / 9:59 pm

    omg that poutine looks awesome!

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