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I have never heard of Mary Brown’s until recently. Mary brown is a franchise across Canada-  known for their signature chicken that I have yet to try. Their chicken are “plump Grade A chicken, which we carefully cut by hand and marinate in our special marinade, making it extra tender. Each piece is then generously coated with our Signature seasoned breading and cooked to perfection in our proprietary cooking units, using the highest quality trans-fat free canola oil” – Mary Brown’s

I dropped by to grab their signature taters instead of their chicken (lol). Their signature taters (potato wedges) are hand cut wedges that are tossed in their signature breeding and cooked into a golden brown perfection.

They have many locations across Ontario. See locations here. 

With the couple of times that I have visited – people usually just order their food to-go. There are a few seats for dine-in.

Poutine (one size) – ($5.00)

  • I loved this poutine!
  • Served piping hot – the fries were crispy on the ends and soft on the insides
  • It wasn’t too saucy or too salty – it was made perfectly!

Poutine (one size) ($5.00)

  • Their taters are made crispy on the outside and fluffly on the inside
  • There was definitely enough gravy to go around the Poutine
  • I prefer my poutine with fries than taters. This is because I personally found that the taters had a lot of flavour in it (signature breeding) and with the additional gravy + cheese – it was a bit over powering – a bit too salty for my taste buds

Mmmm! their delicious taters =)

I personally thought both poutines were really yummy. Again, I prefer the poutine with fries because the taters plus gravy & cheese was a bit overpowering for me. This is just my personal preference. Can’t wait to try their chicken next time =)

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