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I have a confession to make. Before my visit to Hy’s Steakhouse, I rarely enjoyed steak at restaurants – I don’t know if its because I’m picky or I’ve been going to the wrong places but the steaks just never turned out right for me. And if you’ve been following my blog you will notice that this is the very first time I’ve ordered steak for myself! In any case, I really want to share my delightful dining experience, here at Hy’s Steakhouse.

I just loved the atmosphere of Hy’s Steakhouse as soon as I walked in. Very high ceilings, dim lighting and romantic – the overall decor gave the restaurant a rustic elegance. The seats here were very comfortable and spacious. We were greeted by the hostess- very friendly.

We visited Hy’s Steakhouse on a Sunday evening – we were literally the only ones there. Service was obviously quick due to the above reason and our waiter was attentive and pleasant.

Garlic Bread to start

  • It was a pleasant surprise thaT the complimentary bread they served was garlic bread
  • With garlic bread being one of my favourites – I just couldn’t resist knowing that there would be lots of food to come!
  • Toasted and served warm – it came wrapped up in the tin foil – I think I finished all of it =S

Whiskey Sour ($9.25)

Escargot ($14.50)

  • Baked with garlic butter
  • The escargot was served piping hot! My taste buds were bombarded with strong garlic flavour
  • In terms of texture – it was not slimy at all – mushy

Black and Blue Ahi Tuna ($15.95)

  • with soya sauce and wasabi mustard
  • Thinly sliced, the ahi tuna was beautifully seared on the edges and nicely marbled
  • Tasted very rich and sweet

New York Strip 10oz ($36.50)

  • The steaks are cut in-house from specially selected Canadian Prime beef, aged a minimum of 28 days and grilled to order
  • Served with a choice of rice or potatoes (mash / fries / baked etc.)
  • Ordered a medium rare and it was beautifully cooked – deliciously fatty and very juicy  + flavourful
  • The fries were served hot and crispy

New York Steak 10oz & Lobster ($54.95)

  • The best of land and sea – choice of a filet mignon or New York strip steak served with a broiled lobster tail and lemon butter
  • Served with a choice of rice or potatoes (mash / fries / baked etc.)
  • I tried a bit of the lobster and baked potato – and words cannot describe how amazing it was
  • The lobster came with a melted butter dip that was being heated – the lobster itself had a natural sweetness to it
  • the baked potato came piping hot – the server came around with garnishes to sprinkle over the baked potato
Verdict? Hy’s Steakhouse has made me fall in love with steak! Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience – although I don’t think I will be rushing to return anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong – the food was good but expensive and a little pretentious for moi. But I would love to come back for any special occasions =D

^So I wasn’t able to finish my 10oz Steak – shouldn’t have ate so many slices of garlic bread haha

Now that I’ve fallen in love with steak, feel free to recommend any places that serve stellar steak!

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