Saturday mornings at Jatujak

I can’t describe how much I love Thai food and I just love how there are so many great options for Thai in the city such as Pai, Sukho Thai, and Kiin to name a few. But sometimes great places like these in the city involve long line ups, planning ahead to try your luck at finding a reservation and let’s not forget about fighting for parking in the the hustle and bustle of our city! Visiting these restaurants as a last minute option isn’t really a choice, especially if we’re hangry!

I discovered Jajutak, a small quaint little restaurant that serves up some authentic Thai food and have been visiting them on the regular for about two years now. Now being a regular there means I start to crave for Jatujak on the regular too. And by regular, I mean a couple times in the same week! It’s true, when I’m obsessed with something, I go zero to a hundred  real quick and hence I want it ALL THE TIME!

Although there are other great family owned Thai restaurants in the city, Jatujak stands out the most for us by far and you’re definitely missing out if you don’t make a visit! Jatujak has 3 locations: Victoria Park, Kingston Road and on Steeles in Scarborough. I’ve only ever visited the Victoria Park location but here are the reasons why I love visiting Jatujak so much:

  • Jatujak (Victoria Park) is off of the DVP which is a quick drive for us. We normally exit at Eglinton and make our way over on local
  • They have the same simple menu for lunch & dinner (lunch combo available for lunch – great deal). Lunch combos are available during weekend & the portions for the lunch combos are the same as regular!
  • No line ups and there are always plenty of seating
  • They have a parking lot – YAY to no street parking plus parking is FREE!
  • Last but not least, the food is amazing!!!

So now that you know why I love Jatujak so much, let’s start talking more about the food. The items below are all staples that we order every time we visit Jatujak. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure we haven’t tried anything other than the items below. We always start with their Beef Skewers which is paired perfectly with their peanut dipping sauce. For my main, I always opt for their Chicken Pad Thai. Unfortunately, their least spicy option for the Chicken Pad Thai is served mild. It’s a good kick for someone like me who can’t tolerate spice, but it’s not anything I can’t handle. Jatujak’s is one of my favourite Chicken Pad Thai in the city and is served with heaps of chicken in their special Pad Thai sauce that is neither too sweet nor saucy. Lastly, we always finish our meals off with their mango sticky rice which is oh so delicious. The rice is served steaming hot while the generous amount of mango slices are served chilled, both of which complement each other well and are topped with a nice coat of coconut milk.

Satay Beef Skewers ($6.95)

Khao Soi Beef ($14.95)

  • Egg noodles with yellow curry, lime, coleslaw and onion

Jatujak Chicken Pad Thai ($13.95)

  • Street style stir fried rice noodles with egg in house tamarind based sauce

Mango Sticky Rice ($7.95)

That’s it from me guys! Hope you guys find this post helpful & be sure to leave a comment if you have any restaurants you want us to put up on our Saturday morning series! Feel free to also check out my other blog posts of Saturday morning series

Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung




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