Best spots for Hot Chocolate at the Distillery District

It’s my favourite time of the year again and I’ve got good news! The Toronto Christmas Market is back in full force. I love all the festive lights, the huge countdown at the entrance, the ginormous tree fully decked out with ornaments and all the different vendors the market has to offer. However, after an evening of taking selfies with the tree and lining up for food from the vendors, all you might want to do next is rest your tired and cold feet and enjoy a cozy hot chocolate indoors! We put together a guide for the best spots to grab a hot chocolate at the Christmas Market! We were sure to include quite a few options in this guide as everyone has a different personal preference for their hot chocolates.

Wildly Delicious

I like my hot chocolates light and milky and Wildy Delicious made the perfect salted caramel hot chocolate for me. There’s no gimmick, no frills, just a nostolagic cup of hot goodie! They offer 4 different flavours of hot chocolate: Rich & Dark, Peppermint, Salted Caramel and Orange. Wildy Delicious is a cafe that is part of a Gift Shop that sells anything from tableware, spreads, oils, spice rubs & gift sets.

Cacao 70

The hot chocolates at Cacao 70 are Eden’s favourites. They are like a meal in a cup and always hearty. We always order their American style hot chocolate and you can have a choice of dark or milk chocolate to go with your beverage.

Besides the American style, Cacao 70 also offers quite the impressive selection of other hot chocolate beverages such as: Champurrado Mexican style hot chocolate, Matcha Hot cocoa etc. And if that’s not enough, they also have a great selection of chocolate crepes, waffles, fondue – you get the point!


If you like your hot chocolates earthy & strong and with a bit of latte art, then ARVO is your spot. This coffee shop is such a cozy spot to enjoy a hot beverage while reading a book. They also serve up a delicious selection of toasts that are served between 8AM-4PM. It’s perfect if you’re planning on visiting the Christmas Market during the day. You cannot go wrong with their charcuterie toast & avocado toast.

SOMA chocolate maker

The second you walk into SOMA, you get blown away by the strong aroma of chocolate. If you’ve never been into SOMA chocolate maker before, I highly recommend it. There is a glass window in the back of the shop where you can see the chocolate manufacturing process, so you bet your order of hot chocolate is going to be as fresh and authentic as it can get! If you prefer your hot chocolates to be rich and decadent then SOMA is the place for you!


Balzac’s – mostly known for their coffee selections, Balzac’s offers a milky hot chocolate topped off with whip cream and dusted in chocolate powder. How much more cozy can get this beverage get? You won’t be disappointed at Balzac’s. They are a 2 story coffee shop located right in front of the ginormous Christmas Tree. Be sure to also grab one of their delicious cookies to go with your hot chocolate.


Cluny’s is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in the Distillery District and if you’re planning on making a visit to catch them for brunch or dinner, be sure to grab one of their hot chocolates. The hot chocolates here are rich and extraordinary in taste and texture. Expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Hope you enjoyed my guide to the best spots for hot chocolates at the Christmas Market. Feel free to also follow along my Instagram page where I update daily with what I’m up to.

Written by Grace Yeung
Edited by Eden Yeung



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