Homeslice – London Food Edition

When I was looking up restaurants to eat in and out of Covent Garden, Homeslice appeared several times across different mediums. I spent quite some time drooling over the endless photos I found on Instagram; read through countless reviews and knew I would have fomo if I didn’t stop here during my time in London.

Before I go off on a tangent about how amazing their pizzas are, I want to mention that we visited 2 of the 4 Homeslice locations. Quality and service is consistent throughout both locations however, the shop in Covent Garden – inside Neal’s Yard to be specific is a must visit. When we walked through the small alley way to enter Neal’s Yard, I instantly felt attached to all the pretty colours surrounding the stores. It’s definitely something you won’t find in Toronto so I do recommend visiting this particular location.

Our first visit was actually intended to be a quick “grab and go” before heading off to dinner somewhere else. What we didn’t realize, was how much we would like it. E and I decided to share a slice of Margherita pizza out on the patio. After a few bites, E went back into the shop to order our second slice opting for a different flavour of course (mushroom!). In my opinion, both were selections were great but mushroom was a winner for me. There’s just something about all the herbs and garlicky flavours popping out of the pizza embedded on a very thin (almost pita thin) crust pizza that just did it for me. Who knew pumpkin seeds on a mushroom pizza would be so amazing?

Each slice of pizza is £4.00 & Whole pizza is £20.00 (you can pick two flavours for a whole pizza)

Tips & Facts all the way at the bottom!



Margherita Pizza (£4.00)


Mushroom Pizza (£4.00)

  • Mushroom, Ricotta, Pumpkin Seeds & Chilli Flakes



Because we loved their pizza so much during our fist visit in Neal’s Yard, we went to a different location for a proper dinner the following evening. We ordered a whole pizza for £20.00 and we didn’t bother trying any new flavours from our first evening!



  • Truth of the matter is – Homeslice is busy all the time. So visit a location during non peak hours. We made both visits during odd times at around 3:00-4:00 pm in the afternoon.


  • They do not take reservations
  • If you do find yourself in a line, just repeat to yourself that their pizza is totally worth the wait!

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