I don’t exactly remember when was the last time I visited Cabbagetown but I will definitely be back because of Kingyo (Twitter: @Kingyotoronto / Facebook: Kingyo Toronto). I can’t believe its taken me so long to visit this izakaya. I messaged a few friends during my dinner to arrange our next trip to Kingyo (this rarely happens!)

Kingyo Izakaya is located at the corner of Parliament & Winchester (a little bit out of the way for me but totally worth the trek). This trendy Izakaya offers a broad selection of Japanese sharing dishes, cocktails & sakes. I enjoyed most of the things we ordered and regret not ordering a few items from their specials menu.

Jasmine Tea

Tako Wasabi ($4.80)

  • Diced Octopus marinated with wasabi stems and sea kelp.
  • Served with “nori” seaweed paper
  • Choice of having Octopus raw, cooked of half half

Red Tuna and Black Tiger Prawn Avocado Tar Tar ($11.80)

  • Wasabi flavoured tar tar, with tuna, black tiger prawn, tobiko, avocado and tomato.
  • Topped with lotus chips and Kingyo’s home made special sweet sauce.
  • Served with Garlic Toast

Salmon From East Coast ($11.80 for 7 pieces)

KINGYO’s Appetizer Jewellery Box ($13.80)

  • Chef’s Daily assorted appetizer box that includes eight various small dishes.

Garlic Tuna Tataki & Ponzu Jelly ($8.20)

  • Seared ahi-tuna tataki served with onions, scallions, crispy garlic chips & ponzu jelly

Beef Tataki Salad with Ume Dressing ($12.80)

  • Seared beef sashimi salad topped with “ume” plum dressing & crispy garlic chips

Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($9.80)

  • Deep Fried Chicken Wings tossed in their special house blend vinaigrette sauce
  • The mellow sweetness in the sauce makes it a great pair with Beer!

Pork Tantan Ramen ($10.80)

  • Kingyo’s original version of the very popular tantan ramen
  • Served with spicy ground pork sauce that blends well into “tonkotsu” prok bone broth

Aburi Toro & Avocado 2 Tone Battera ($16.80)

  • Flame seared “med-fatty” toro tuna & avocado “battera” boxed style sushi

A Big Kingyo Short Rib ($21.00)

  • Grilled “Kurozu” balasmic vinegar beef short rib.
  • Simple yet stunningly rich in taste!

Hot Stone Bowl Unagi Don ($14.80)

  • BBQ Eel, seasoned kelp, pickled mustard leaf, diced eggs, and diced cucumbers, topped with scallions served with a hot-stone bowl.

Some of my highlights of the evening were: The East Coast Salmon, The Jewellery Box, Tuna Tataki, Chicken Wings, Short Ribs, Beef Tataki Salad. The Jewellery Box is such a neat concept – I love how the Chef just surprises you with 8 various dishes without having you to choose. The Salmon sashimi, Wings and Tataki Salad are just simply amazing. I highly recommend the short ribs. I have no idea how they made it but the ribs literally fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. It was incredibly tender, juicy and of course -fatty. But oh so good. Despite the amazing service, I can’t say I loved our waitress. I’m not one to usually complain but her responses with us were a bit short. We noticed she acted similar with other tables – perhaps an off day for her.

This restaurant is quite the busy one and fills up rather quickly. Reservations are highly recommended.


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