Campechano Taqueria

Tucked away at the corner of Adelaide and Portland, Campechano Taqueria (@campechano_to) is a small and cozy restaurant that quietly opened its doors to the public a few months ago. They have taken up for the former Sadie’s diner location and is now serving their take of a Mexican fare. Their menu is a very simple 2 page read. I knew in a matter of seconds what I wanted to indulge in.


We arrived on a Monday evening around 5:30pm. We wanted to beat the rush our dinner crowd – and trust me, its always a good idea!


{Left} Sangria ($9.00)
{Right} Jamaica
 – hibiscus flower ($2.25)


Guacamole ($6.00)


Camarones ($4.75)

  • Chipotle shrimp, pineapple


Bistec ($4.75)

  • sirloin cap


Barbacao de borrego ($5.50)

  • braised lamb leg


Papa con Chorizo ($4.50)

  • pork sausage, potato


Dessert ($4.00)


Tacos are something I can never say no to and this place didn’t let me down. Although there are some things I enjoyed more than others, I still left this restaurant with my “taco cravings” satisfied. The items I would order over and over again are: the gauc and chips and the taco that I am dying to come back for – the Camarones (chipotle shrimp and pineapple). Don’t underestimate how powerful the kick is to this taco and although I have a lower than below average tolerance for spiciness – the Camarones is a must try! The mixture of the spiciness with a sweet and juicy pineapple ending is what makes it so tasty and addictive! I also opted for the braised lamb taco – it was good but nothing to write home about. Last but not least, the dessert (the only option of the evening) had a texture that I would compare it to a Panna Cotta. The taste had a very rich and decadent caramel flavour that they have generously drizzled all over the plate. A few tiny bites at a time is the strategy to savour this dessert otherwise the taste can be too powerful.

They are closed on Sundays. It’s a good thing I work considerably close to Campechano so I can come back on a week night to order more of my Camarones!blogsignature

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