Saturday mornings at Harlem Underground

I love Brunch. It’s my favourite meal of the day and I’m willing to get up an hour extra early (because I live far from downtown) just to trek in and out of the city hunting for the best brunch spots!

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I made my way over to the Queen St. West area to indulge in Harlem Underground (@Harlem1920)‘s infamous Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles.

When we arrived, surprisingly there wasn’t that many people – Perhaps we arrived too early?

Orange Juice & Coffee

Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle ($14.00)

  • Served with a scotch bonette-corriander-lime syrup and a gravy sauce
  • The delicately crunchy batter was packed with a light seasoning that was paired well with some delicious waffles
  • The juicy and tender chicken underneath the crispy layer of skin was piping hot! (literally with steam coming out after the first bite!)

Harlem Mash Up ($10.00)

  • Sweet Potato & Yukon Potato, hash served with sausage, topped with a fried egg and served with corn bread
  • The Harlem mash up was nothing memorable – though it was served warm…

Harlem Benny ($12.00)

  • Two poached eggs, garlic collard greens atop sweet potato pancakes with a spicy hollandaise sauce
  • The Harlem Benny was a slight disappointment  – the addition of the collard greens were a bit too much – and I mean literally too much especially since the greens were really mushy and didn’t have much flavour

Overall, I enjoyed the piping hot chicken and waffles!  The 2 other dishes that followed fell below expectations – everything else was just served warm and tasted some what bland… Perhaps I visited them on a busy day… Nonetheless, I wouldn’t completely turn away from this place because they do serve some awesome Southern Fried Chicken and waffles… I think I’m going to be on a hunt for the pair over the next little while! Let me know if you have suggestions 🙂 blogsignature Harlem Underground on Urbanspoon


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