Touhenboku Ramen

With all the sudden Ramen pop ups in Toronto for the past year, its still safe for me to say that NO – I’m not sick of eating ramen and YES – I will keep indulging in these deliciously hot yummy bowls of Ramen until my heart is content. But come on, especially with the extremely cold weather outside? who wouldn’t want a yummy bowl of ramen that is made to your liking (well – to a certain extent)

Enough rambling – Last week, I made my way to Touhenboku Ramen (@Touhenbokuramen), conveniently located steps away from Osgoode Station on Queen Street West. We arrived shortly after 6pm with only a few tables occupied.

Once you walk past the double doors, you’ll notice the restaurant is brightly lit and narrow. Tohuenboku fits about 7-8 tables with a few spots at the bar.

There is a machine situated behind the kitchen where the ramen is freshly made everyday! The ramen machine looks pretty techy and complicated if you ask me! The broth here at Toukenboku is completely made of chicken broth served with a choice of lean pork, rich pork or chicken chashu

Touhenboku Chashu Ramen ($13.00)

  • Ramen for carnivores! This is your choice of ramen and broth served with five slices of succulent roast pork or roast chicken with sea salt
  • My friend visited Touhenboku previously and decided to opt for the chashu ramen in which is suitable for meat lovers – and commented that bowl of ramen had a very heavy chicken broth

  • My friend opted for thin noodles

Touhenboku Pai-Tan Ramen (White Ramen) $10.50

  • Straight forward ramen in a rich creamy chicken broth flavoured with either shio (sea salt) or sho-yu (soya). Served with chashu, seaweed, a tasty boiled egg, kikurage mushrooms and green onion
  • I opted for sea salt over soya with thin noodles

  • The fatty pork belly slices were amazing good and satisfying. The noodles had a soft texture which I prefer over chewy hence why I ordered the thin noodles.. While the soup was very rich in flavour

Gyoza ($4.50)

  • Fried pork dumpling with delicious seasoned dipping sauce. (5 pcs)
  • As far as gyoza goes, I thought that the skin was slightly thicker than preferred – but thought the pork and cabbage filling was both tender and flavoursome

Cheesecake ($5.50)

  • A rich sweet tart made with cream and soft cheese on a biscuit base.

Chiffon Cake ($5.50)

  • A light cake with a spongy texture and rich flavour.
  • The chiffon cake was nailed perfectly –  which was super soft and airy light.
  • I definitely enjoyed the rich flavour and spongy texture that was present in each mouthful

Milles Crepe ($5.50)

*This dish was complimentary but remains unbaised*

  • Sweetened crepes layered with whipping cream with a delicious fruit glaze.
  • The crowing glory about the milles crepe was the thin yet chewy layer of crepes topped off with a delicious fruit glaze
  • The owner highly recommended this and boy was he ever right. The owner mentioned that the he had hired a pastry chef all the way from Japan to make this pastry.
  • The texture and flavour of this milles crepe was spot on – sweet and chewy and highly addictive!

Touhenboku serves decent ramen, with its deliciously super tender pork bellies and the option for thin or thick chewy noodles. While almost finishing my bowl of ramen, it dawned on me that the chicken broth was really creamy and slightly heavy for my liking. The egg on the other hand,, was perfectly runny and the exterior was doused in soy sauce flavour.

Lastly, the chewiness and sweet flavour of the milles crepe was completely spot on..It’s been a few days since I had this but  I’ve considered trekking over to this ramen shop to order the crepe for take out. It’s a must try.. go see for yourself 🙂


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    March 13, 2014 / 9:17 am

    Looks delicious!

    • Grace
      March 16, 2014 / 8:51 pm


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