Dinner @ Biff's Bistro

One of my many wish hit restaurants include ALL of the Oliver & Bonacini Family restaurants that seem to be delivering & happily satisfying the hungry business crowds in the Financial District. There’s just something about this intimate French restaurant that always draw the crowds back!

After a hustle & bustle day of running errands, I finally winded down and made my way to visit Biff’s Bistro (@Oliver_Bonacini) located at Front & Yonge St  – which also happens to be the second last restaurant that I needed to visit under this large family of restaurants! (Auberge du Pommier being the last)

We didn’t make reservations but managed to snatch one of the last tables available.

Oysters ($1 each)

  • I know this may sound crazy … but oysters is not something that I crave for on a daily basis though don’t get me wrong – I still eat them if they are placed in front of me
  • Perhaps its the texture that I haven’t gotten over yet (lol) Anyways, this was my friend’s starter, and I think she enjoyed it enough to eat about 15 of these on her own

ESCARGOT ($15.00)

  • with gnocchi à la Parisienne, house-cured bacon, smoked beurre blanc & Monforte Toscano
  • The escargot was my starter & this was a stunner. Escargot was flavoured well paired with a soft and fluffly gnocchi.  The semi- crispy texture of the smoked bacon lent texture to this dish

DUCK CONFIT ($26.00)

  • with white navy beans, buttered cabbage, duck hearts & chili jam
  • My friend suggested the duck flesh was rather dry – everything else seemed to be just average


  • as a main course with frites
  • The steak tartare can be ordered as an appetizer or entree.
  • This cold tartare had quite the tartare flavour – a zing that matched by the greens and textures of crisp bread on the side
  • The frites were not particulary enticing – Yes, I enjoy skinny fries but the ones served that evening  were served warm

Classic vanilla bean crème brûlée ($10.00)

  • Cracking open the crispy thin caramelized layer, reveals a beautiful vanilla bean custard. I particularly enjoy the subtle hint of vanilla that perfectly suits the light runny texture

Fortunately for me, everything I ordered that evening, I enjoyed. From my  appetizer, escargot to my entree, steak tartare were high-lights of the evening for me and both are worth coming back for in the coming future. The creme brulee I shared with my friend made up for her slightly disappointing duck confit.

Overall, some hits and misses here and there but man, the flavour profiles for the escargot were spot on – left me a lasting impression.


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