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My friend is a huge foodie for coffee and desserts. So after our dinner last week, she suggested we skip desserts at the restaurant altogether and check out BakerBots Baking (@BakerBotsBaking). BakerBots Baking is located right next to Ossington Station, so after hoping off the TTC we found ourselves in the midst of a huge crowd lining up to grab some fresh goodies.

Whether its inside or outside of the shop, this place is filled with a galore of people. BakerBots Baking has 3 long benches sitting outside the shop for customers to enjoy their fresh pastries.

Although this mini bakery shop is tiny and a little bit stuffy – but it smells oh-so-fresh. There’s an instant delicious pastry heat wave as soon as you walk in.

Burnt Toffee Ice Cream in a Cocoa Cookie ($4.00 – half)

  • I love any ice cream that is slightly burnt. So as soon as I saw Burnt Toffee on their chalkboard menu – I instantly knew I had to order it.
  • The ice cream tasted exactly like its name – sweet but also slighly burnt with a light hint of smokey taste . It was really refreshing.
  • The Cocoa Cookie was served like it was fresh out of the oven – the chocolate pieces of the cookie were literally melting in my hand as I was eating the Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • I personally prefer soft cookies – The ones served here are a bit crunchy – but still yummy nonetheless.

Nocciola Ice Cream in a Cocoa Cookie ($4.00 – half)

  • My friend ordered this and loved it to pieces.

So after indulging in my ice cream sandwich and from what I observed from the crowds, the reason for their returning happy customers is simply because BakerBots Baking screams fresh! Their cookies are amazingly delicious but I personally prefer mine to be soft so it would be easier to eat in a sandwich. I would also look into trying another flavour of cookie to go with my burnt toffee ice cream next time! Perhaps the “Everything Cookie”?


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