Chicago Style Pizza Shack

To be brutally honest, when this place was first suggested, I was hesitant because I wanted to stay as from away from pizza as I could after stuffing my face with it for 4 years while studying in Waterloo.  However, I’m uber glad I did visit here because Chicago Style Pizza has pretty much changed the way I think about pizza now – more specifically – Deep Dish Pizza!

This hidden gem, tucked away in Hamilton, is a family own business that started in 1946. Their delicious pizza & pasta sauce are all home made!  – On March 16th, Chicago Style Pizza appeared on  The Food Network Canada’s YOU GOTTA EAT HERE! Host John Cattuci, described the Deep Dish Pizza as “a pizza stuffed into another pizza. Now that’s amore!” – Very Neat!

This post contains pictures from both of my visits – once in February & second visit with my mommy!

Bread to start:

Appy Platter ($8.25)

  • Breaded fried cheese ravioli and juicy battered mushrooms with dip
  • What I really loved about the platter is they were deep fried in a very high tempurature & each bite sized appy was extremely hot and crunch!
  • The cheese ravioli was pretty yummy but the juicy mushrooms were even better. They both paired really well with the tomato dipping sauce

Tortellini Alfredo  ( Small $9.50 / Large $13.00)

  • a plate full of delicately meat filled pasta in a creamy Alfredo sauce
  • We ordered a small – they are so generous with portions
  • I thought the Tortellini Alfredo was just alright – the Tortellini itself was a tad too chewy for my liking
  • However, the Alfredo sauce was amazing!

Baked Rigatoni (Small $8.25 / Large $11.75)

  • Rigatoni in an enticing mushroom- meat sauce with meatballs, baked with mozzarella cheese
  • We also ordered a small for the rigatoni
  • The Rigatoni was very hearty and rich – noodles were cooked perfectly – the enticing mushroom meat sauce gave the rigatoni a bold flavouring
  • The melted mozzarella was insanely stringy
  • Honestly, after a bite of the meatball and few bites of the pasta – I was extremely full but loved every bite 🙂

Deep Dish Pizza or “Stuffed Pizza” 

This unique “Pizza Pie” is made in a deep dish pan and is just loaded with cheese and your choice of items. A thin layer of dough surrounds the pizza bottom, sides, and top so it looks like a deep dish pie pizza sauce on top. This master pizza takes 30 minutes to cook! – Chicago Style Pizza

There’s 3 different types of pizza crust = Regular Crust / Thick Crust / Stuffed Pizza
There’s 3 different types of pizzas = Sauce & Cheese / Italian Sausage / Roast Beef
There’s 2 different pizza sizes = Medium & Large – But the stuffed pizza comes in only Small & Large

We ordered a =

Small Sauce & Cheese Stuffed Pizza ($14.90 & Additional Items $1.20)

  • Additional Toppings: Pepperoni,  Green Peppers, Mushrooms
  • This pizza takes approximately 30 minutes to cook – so by the time we finished the appetizers and the pastas – we didn’t feel like we had to “wait” for our pizza!
  • Small Stuffed Pizza is cut into 6 slices
  • This Deep Dish Pizza looked great – tasted even better
  • Mind you, this pizza appears to be a small but it is incredibly filling
  • Contained so many layers of different flavours – completely mind blowing!

  • This pizza was completely oozing with cheese and sauce!
  • The Pepperoni and mushrooms were all literally “Stuffed” inside the pizza
  • Words cannot describe how amazing this particular pizza was =)

I have been to Chicago Style Pizza twice now and based on both of my visits, the food served here is very consistent. Servers are very knowledgeable & helpful with the menu and had no problem promoting their specials.  However, service might be slow depending on how crowded it gets. Portions here are really generous – definitely get your moneys worth!

If you’re ever craving authentic pizza and quality pizza. Chicago Style Pizza is obviously the place to go. Mind you that this place may get extremely busy so go early!

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  1. andy1076
    March 27, 2012 / 9:57 pm

    Droooool………. :)~~

    • graceyyyy
      March 30, 2012 / 6:39 pm

      Do they have deep dish pizza in the west coast?!

      • andy1076
        March 30, 2012 / 8:46 pm

        They sure do! quite a few , I just haven’t gotten around to eating there yet 🙁

  2. Mary
    March 27, 2012 / 11:38 pm

    Omg that deep dish looks so good. I am even more excited for my up coming chicago trip now! Any reccos for where to eat in Chi-Town?

    • graceyyyy
      March 30, 2012 / 6:38 pm

      I’ve only been to Chicago once – a really long time ago. Wasn’t a foodie back then haha sorry!

  3. Anonymous
    March 28, 2012 / 1:07 am

    I agree with everything ..yummy, yummy…but sorry they don’t take reservations..

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